Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fascism And The State Destroy Economic Opportunity - 85% Of College Graduates Move Back Home

We have ridiculed our President's uneducated remarks about sending more kids to college as a way to work our way out of this crisis. Frankly, this is an idiotic neoliberal view of economics that does not mesh with democracy and freedom. And what exactly are all of these college graduates supposed to do if most of them cannot either find employment or employment of self-sufficiency? Work for our President and the state as a bureaucrat or work for a lobbying firm or maybe a good corporate firm who loyally pays our politicians like Wal-mart or McDonalds or the war machine's defense contractors?

This is not a new dynamic but instead a trend created by Republican and Democrat neoliberalism founded in corruption. In a democracy those who wish to go to college should never be turned away due to lack of financial means. A public banking system would ensure this. But what about a living wage for the rest of society? What is his centrally planned Soviet answer to their lack of opportunity? The state has crowded out economic opportunity through its meddling. Economic opportunity is severely limited in our country by neoliberal policies of our bought and paid for corporatist government.

Our economy will only recover with government restoring freedom and an ability of self-determination to create economic value of what any American is capable of dreaming as a viable form of employment or value creation. A government which does not first serve the people has become the primary problem for our country's economy.

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