Friday, October 15, 2010

Were Our Financial Leaders In President Clinton’s White House Cabinet Pushing For The War In Iraq?

Anyone who understands for-profit banking and the role it plays in subverting sovereignty will appreciate this article over at Salon.  If we are to take this general at his word, someone or more than one people in the Clinton cabinet were pushing for a war with Saddam Hussein in the late 1990s.  And if one looks at the cabinet possibilities provided at the bottom link in that article, there are only a handful of plausible choices.  It surely wasn’t the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of Education in that meeting.  And I doubt it was the Secretary of Labor engaging a general over serious discussions of foreign policy and war.   The only plausible attendee who would seemingly be in attendance would be from the Secretary of Treasury’s office. 

If this is so, then it would be ridiculous to label the Iraq war as President Bush’s war.  It would more likely be a  profit-driven war manufactured by elitist crooks or profit-driven interests.  Seemingly unbelievable.  But then the general’s accusations aren’t run of the mill remarks either.

To what ends does secret Washington mischief lead?

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