Monday, October 11, 2010

A Celebration Of Columbus Day – An Alternative Perspective

A repost from last year with a short addition in this paragraph.  Howard Zinn passed away in this year.  The people of the world lost a great man who had a deep compassion for others.  Zinn spent much of his life furthering the cause of others less fortunate.  Others who were often persecuted.  Zinn understood what many often don’t – that there is a timeless struggle between those who would be our kings were they able to enforce that control over society, and the rest of us who simply want dignity, respect and a voice in determining our own existence - I think we used to call that democracy.  This struggle, which really is a timeless battle, has existed since the beginning of man.   Howard knew as the Buddha knew, as Jesus knew, as Gandhi knew, as Martin Luther King knew, as Nelson Mandela knew, that as sentient beings,  the whole of life on our planet is greater than the self or the ego.  Something megalomaniacs and psychopaths who timelessly seek to control society, have no respect for.   Is your voice respected by your government today?   

Being that anything beyond reading, writing and arithmetic is often not the search for truth or knowledge at all but is often biased beliefs and even dogma or indoctrination, let's consider a very different perspective on Christopher Columbus presented by historian Howard Zinn.

I would highly encourage you to take twenty minutes or so to read this. But only if you truly want to consider a very, very different perspective than you were taught in school. You will never again view Columbus Day in the same light. Maybe that's a good thing. You be the judge.

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