Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Lindsay Graham – My Nomination For Political Idiot Of The Year

I think it’s plausible to argue the war machine is jeopardizing our security more than any foreign enemy.  Who would dare take on the United States military when our budget is larger than the rest of the world’s combined?  Deterrence is a necessary evil but since when is peace predicated on bombing the world into submission?  

"From my point of view, if we engage in military operations as a last resort, the United States should have in mind the goal of changing the regime," Graham said. "Not by invading (Iran), but by launching a military strike by air and sea." 

Regime change huh?  How’s that working out for you in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Transparency International lists these two countries under U.S. control as two of the most corrupt on earth.  This is after we have spent trillions of dollars attempting neoliberal Lindsay Graham’s “regime change”. 

Iran is a ragtag country.  One, which by the way, has millions of U.S. and pro-democracy sympathizers within the population.   Now, I wonder what effect blowing up the country would have on those sympathizers?  I think we learned a little about that in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have a better idea for people like Lindsay Graham and other political idiots who want to send other people’s kids into harm’s way for their political power trips.  You don your U.S. Army uniforms and lead the charge into Iran.  I’ll be right behind you in the second wave. 

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