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Nassim Taleb’s Technical Knockout Of Timmy Geithner – The Federal Reserve “Will Be Gone” Within 25 Years. The Internet Has Transformed The Organizations Of Change and Civil Disobedience.

Authority keeps dissent to a minimum (maintains control)  by dispersing it.  When a people or society feel united in any cause, authority has an impossible task.  How do you think a handful of communists control 1.5 billion people in China?  Or how a handful of plantation owners beat down a population of people under the bondage of slavery in the United States?  How did England dominate and repress countless hundreds of millions of people in India?   They were able to break down resistance and keep the population of dissent dispersed using fear as a tactic to control.   Terrorism.

The state most often uses fear to disperse society and create division.  Why do you think we have so many voices who control the microphone trying to reframe the debate in this country onto relatively meaningless or noncore issues?  They want to create division.   That is why people like Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and others became some of the greatest names in modern history.   Because they united people who were repressed by authority in a just and noble cause.

Most have overlooked the depth of a dynamic that is substantially impacting the world around us today - the internet.  Today, we know what is happening around the world within minutes and a handful of people can change the world by becoming a voice of reason or a facilitator to truth or by encouraging people to think for themselves about serious issues.   Average people can and have become leaders in a leaderless world.  They can inform the world of the true reality rather than the spin created by the mainstream media, massive corporations and the state.  When people were marching in the streets of Iran last year, everyone in the world knew the truth within moments.  Eighty years ago, the state could manipulate society, repress the facts, disperse the dissent with any amount of force necessary and create any type of story that serves to maintain its control.  

When Timmy Geithner, a bureaucrat seeking to maintain a fraudulent status quo, gets up in front of an audience and tells them how the Federal Reserve saved the world and relatively moments later Nassim Taleb, a seeker of truth, stands up before the same crowd and tells  them the actions of the Federal Reserve are immoral and that Geithner, Krugman and other bureaucrats have no idea what they are talking about, and that the Federal Reserve will be gone in 25 years, this is dispersed through the internet like a wild fire.   Eighty years ago, the American people and the world would have only heard what the mainstream media or the state wanted us to hear.  That is, maybe something about how our fearless leaders are fighting for the poor bastard in Michigan who has lost his home, his life savings and his job.  

And what is the impact of this dynamic?  Anyone in society seeking to be informed on any topic, almost immediately knows the bureaucrats are wearing no pants.  Geithner cannot stand before Taleb and credibly argue a position about a topic he really doesn’t understand.    He has no credibility and even less of a desire to seek truth and reason.  He simply wants to maintain the status quo.  The bureaucrats have lost control.  The world is now focused on understanding the truth and the emperor has no clothes.   And the internet has become the great facilitator of change. 

I hear people say where is the marching in the streets?  Where is the outrage?  14% approval ratings for Congress?  Take out the political class and you have about a 2% approval rating for Congress.  Are you kidding me?  We don’t need to see marching in the streets.  We may.  But the marching is happening as a type this.  Unity and civil disobedience is taking place on the internet in virtual marches.  People are becoming organized, sharing ideas and becoming informed of topics important to them via the internet.   Whether that is human rights, the banking crisis, the lies of politicians, the fraud in our banking system, the endless war machine in the U.S., the repressive states of Iran and China, the breakdown of our food safety because of a whored out government, the manipulation of our food supply into packaged junk or countless other issues.  Reasoned dissent and actions for change are more organized than at any time in the history of humankind.  We have created virtual communities of interest around the entire world and the only thing the state can do to stop it is try to control the internet or shut it down.  Mind you, they are trying to do both.  They understand the internet’s significance as a threat to the status quo.

The party is over.  As we have said on here numerous times before, I think the American people are going to take down the Federal Reserve.  And I don’t think it’s going to take 25 years.  I would say it’s plausible to believe it will happen within the next decade as a worst case.  And it may happen much sooner than that because the world is now moving at a hyper rate due to  the rapid dissemination of information via the internet.      

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