Thursday, October 07, 2010

Scientists Say Heavy Metal Sludge Disaster Not Dangerous. Scientists Also Note That Pigs Now Fly.

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We are killing ourselves and our planet with this neoliberal economic race to the bottom of the barrel in more ways than one.  One impact of unregulated capital is that societies must dismantle their regulations to compete.  Or put another way, we become slaves to corporations.  Now mind you, we are talking about necessary regulations not red tape.  They are different.  Red tape is driven by corporations and special interests manipulating our governments to deny us economic opportunity so that these same special interests are able to pillage our societies without the threat of competition.  Unlike regulation which protects a free society, red tape is bought and paid for through corporate lobbying and bribery.    

So, as a simplistic example, if I can make aluminum in China, most likely subsidized at below production cost by the communist government, for X and the cost of shipping is Y, if you have an aluminum mill in Hungary that produces product for more than X+Y you are going to have a bad day.  Now there are easy solutions to this dynamic that would involve a new economic model that eschews neoliberalism.  But sans that, what is the easiest way for that mill in Hungary to lower costs?  Dismantle regulations to lower costs.   Maybe environmental regulations?  And what do we call that?  We call that pro-business in modern Orwellian neoliberal-speak. 

Remember, on here we are not pro-business.  We are pro-markets.  Pro-business leads to corporatism, cronyism, fascism or whatever you want to call it.  It’s all part of economic neofeudalism.   

This mess in Hungary is horrendous.  And it is being replicated countless times around the world today.  Including in China where corrupt communist officials are doing an extra special job killing its own citizens through unbelievable pollution. 

The headlines of this article are a joke.  There are no levels of heavy metals that are safe.  None.  Zero.  Let’s give you a nice mercury cocktail well within the EPA’s guidelines and watch the effects on your health or the health of your unborn children if you believe otherwise.

This Hungary story gives me a chance to throw up a video from IAOMT on smoking teeth and the devastating effects of heavy metals on the health of  animals and humans. 

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