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Crimes Against Humanity - The United States Government Performs Nazi-Style Experiments On Unsuspecting Guatemalans. What Other Unsavory Secrets Are Yet To Be Exposed?

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They (these revelations) also come as U.S. drug companies are increasingly going to poor, less-educated countries to test new drugs and other therapies.

I’m not going to get into it on this blog but re the article comments above, American  drug companies are now holding clinical trials in third world countries where many believe they are exploiting poor people with miniscule financial payments in return for what may be unsafe or inhumane experiments.  Why are drug companies doing trials in poverty-stricken countries anyway?  Why aren’t they being performed in the United States?  I’m not an expert in this arena but many are and it doesn’t take too much searching on the internet to find massive potential  abuse or worse. 

The United States government responded to the public exposé involving Guatemala with surprise.  Was that surprise real or for public consumption?  Given the cover up of fraud in our banking system, potential war crimes, the selling out of our government for money, corruption involving FDA policy and our food supply and countless other disturbing realities, we need to be dubious of everything Washington says and does until it is once again held to account as a transparent democratic government working on behalf of We The People.

Well, let’s put this Guatemala revelation in context.  We already know the U.S. government and the CIA have been involved in countless secret experiments that would be classified as crimes against humanity in times gone by.  In other words, this is not an isolated case but instead is a pattern. 

Where does all of this end?  We really don’t know because enormous components of the United States government are not accountable to a democratic society and there is absolutely no transparency into what major state bureaucracies are doing.  That includes the CIA which needs to have its charter revoked or needs to have it completely rewritten to be accountable to We The People.   The CIA is endlessly involved in breaking American laws and shitting on our Constitution in addition to its endless human rights abuses.  

The end does not justify the means.  We are a civil society where We The People are supposed to decide democratically how our government operates.  The rule of law and human rights are all that separates us from the ravages of living like animals.   When we tolerate these crimes, we are no better than the thugs around the world who rule their societies as they see fit using any method they deem necessary. 

Remember, we have written numerous times that I believe many revelations in coming years could be exposed about disturbing activities our government has been involved in.    All of this adds to the awakening process.  No bureaucracy should ever be trusted.  Complete transparency and oversight are the mechanisms of trust for a free society. 

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