Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Knights Of The Round Table Are In Fact Pigs At The Trough. Foreign-Funded Chamber Of Commerce “Legally” Bribing Our Government And Deciding Our Political Elections?

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Long time readers know we are not pro-business on here.  Pro-business defines the corporatist or fascist state that has become Washington politics.  Where favors are given to dismantle the rule of law using other people’s money   We are pro-markets.  Working markets support an open and free society.  They support local job creation and a meritocracy.  They support integrity and an environment where one’s work ethic and ability plays a reasonable role in economic opportunity.   While not perfect, we know functioning markets serving democracy were the foundations of the rise of America as the greatest experiment in human rights and freedom ever undertaken.   Pro-business politicians are killing that experiment while lining their pockets with corporate money and bending or destroying our rule of law for favor or possibly even worse.

As an extension of corporate personhood and pro-business political and economic policies, I believe it’s arguable that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its beholden political stooges in Washington has morphed into one of the most subversive elements undermining democracy (one person, one vote) and proper functioning of our government and markets today.   It’s quite revealing to see where the Chamber of Commerce is throwing its money.  As we have noted time and again, both parties in Washington are corrupt.  But the modern day Republican party is the founding party of modern day corporatism or fascism in Washington.  This seems to support that notion quite clearly. 

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