Monday, October 18, 2010

The Gambino Crime Family Would Blush - The Organized Rackets Of Wall Street And The Complicity Of The State

Remember none of the crimes of Wall Street would have existed under a nonprofit public banking system.  Absolutely none of them.  Additionally, as we have remarked countless times, finance is a tax on capital.  Finance creates zero new wealth.  Zero.  Zilch.  Finance profits are created by a transfer of wealth from capital-creating industries and businesses.   From productive assets in society. 

The people in the political arena and mainstream media who are now telling us that Wall Street is going to pay all of the TARP money back and how that was a good investment are clueless cheerleaders for the corrupt.  That money Wall Street is paying back came in the form of sucking capital out of the underlying economy.   Their ability to repay the TARP money is simply an indication of usury and tyranny against productive assets.  Propping up Wall Street is a perpetuation of that tyranny.  If you don’t understand this concept, then you don’t know one of the primary dynamics that is killing the U.S. economy.  Yet no one ever talks about this other than us. 

There is a reason why Sharia law prohibits interest on loans.  There is a reason why India has a public banking system which is now under attack.  There is a reason why ancient civilizations considered anything greater than small interest rates to be usury.   

All of Wall Street’s profits come through bureaucrats inserting their dirty fingers into the pockets of productive assets in society to take a cut.  It’s the same dynamic as the Gambino crime family coming into your business and demanding their weekly cut.  I think the Department of Justice would call that extortion.  Or on a grand and concerted scale, it would be classified as racketeering of organized crime. 

How’s that new financial regulation working out for you?  We need a banking system which serves democracy.   Absolutely nothing has been fixed.


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