Friday, January 28, 2011

Egyptians Defy Government Ban On Protests. Yemen Joins With Its Own Protests. America’s International Power Hegemony Decline Has Started.

No link here.  Just the headlines from this morning.  Tunisia’s rise against tyranny is spreading through the Middle East.  Thugs have to be nervous in every country that has stolen dignity from its people.    On some level both Egypt and Yemen are projections of American hegemony. 

I wrote on here years ago that as America’s power wanes it would lead to power vacuums and volatility around the world.   While America has not completely lost its grip on the world, it is bogged down in multiple senseless wars and power struggles and surely is unable to respond as it may have a few decades ago.  It is showing clear and obvious weakness in its ability to control the world both militarily and through financial bribery as it has for decades.  In other words, this outcome is just now starting to come to pass.  

This volatility is likely to get worse.  And some vacuums obviously have the potential to be replaced by anti-American regimes and even more dictatorial states.  We shall just have to watch and learn as this environment unfolds over coming years. 

America’s hegemony, like Rome’s, is based first on economic might.  That might has been decimated by fraud of its elites and politicians.  Just as we wrote happened in Rome. 

Rome is burning.   Volatility dead ahead.

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