Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year

In many regards, some believe the lunar cycle plays a substantial role in the cyclicality of financial markets.  Well, of life in general.  A little known truth is that complex life as we know it on earth would not be possible without the moon or the tides.   That water splashing around in oceans and lakes actually serves a fundamental purpose of creating complex life.  So what role does the moon really play in our daily existence?  Frankly, we have little to no factual understanding. 

Just how random is the world?  Or was this cycle of volatility determined before we were even born?   Years ago we wrote that this environment of economic distress would have manifested itself regardless of whether it was because of a corrupt banking system, massive debt or profligacy of politicians.  That volatility and cyclicality will manifest itself in one way or another regardless of the form of takes in human institutions.   

In other words, over the millennia institutions change but there remains one constant.  In cycles of volatility institutions that are manufactured by the self or man’s ego will fail.  As we have said before, the self is a false reality.  An invention of the mind.  And given this truth, we should expect institutions created by a false reality are simply not sustainable.  In effect, they aren’t real.  They are a mirage.  All eg0-driven institutions are based on the false reality of a false world created by our mind - greed, avarice, power, control and other mythical inventions of the self.    And as this world is shattered, what can we expect to see rise in their place?   Those would be universal truths of reason, community, karma, dignity, compassion and respect for our natural existence.   Something that has often been missing from insane authority for a long time.  Or as is one of the long term themes on this blog, we are entering an age of enlightenment

The manufactured self or the ego would tell you that all of this is ridiculous.  The ego believes in its own self-determination and such a reality is therefore a threat to its very existence.   We shall see about that.  :) 

Today we enter the lunar 2011 – a year we have said will most likely see the return of volatility in full force.   Or, in the context of this post, the crumbling of ego-driven institutions including globalization in its current form, global finance, bureaucracies serving the elite and corrupt, the state, the war machine and on and on and on. 

Our theme of volatility continues to work out quite nicely.

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