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Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers

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If you saw the movie Food, Inc, which we have beaten to death on here, you saw some of the extremely dubious and even heinous practices by the industrial food complex.   You must watch this movie! 

I have a friend who is an avid supporter of the “real” food movement in the U.S. and after watching Food, Inc, she said what struck her more than anything was the frightening tactics used by Monsanto against farmers espousing natural seed use.   Essentially, Monsanto has a team of security personnel that troll farming communities looking to legally enforce their corporate will upon the seed and farming community.  And the portrayal in Food, Inc is that their agenda has one purpose -  control.  Many of the tactics highlighted in Food, Inc and elsewhere are straight out of a police state science fiction novel.

There is a video in this post link where a retired district attorney with an environment crimes focus who essentially says Monsanto’s contracts are the efforts of an unconscionable enterprise.  Ya think?    Interspersed in that video are remarks by G. Edward Griffin.   I’m not sure why he was asked to comment other than he is a known dissenter of American politics.  Anyway, he really misses the context of how and why farmers sign these Monsanto legal agreements.  He remarks that essentially he believes farmers either trust Monsanto or are ignorantly signing Monsanto’s agreements.  Both positions are completely without merit.   If they would have asked a farmer or subject expert, they would have understood the real dynamic that is forcing farmers to sign these agreements. 

This is how Monsanto is able to coerce farmers into signing these agreements that transfer all of Monsanto’s product liability to farmers:  Our government and our banking system have enabled corporations to grow to hegemonic levels of control in our society through unbridled free market bullshit – mergers & acquisitions and cornering markets.   (It’s the same reason silver and gold are going up, mind you.  It’s the same reason a lot of things are happening.)  Monsanto has cornered the market for seed by buying essentially all competitors and all intellectual property through enablement of a corrupt banking system and a corrupt government.   This is enabled by the patenting of food, something that was never legal in the history of our country until government corruption became rampant in the last few decades. 

Per Food, Inc, farmers who have sought to produce their own crops using their own seed have been legally intimidated into bankruptcy or settlements so that essentially one or two seed companies controls 90-99% (and growing) of all seed depending on the industrial food crop.  Once that dynamic is in place, the resulting tyranny can do anything and everything to rig markets.    The farmer becomes a slave to the seed provider.   Today’s farmers are “picking cotton” for wealthy slave owners in the industrial food monopolies. That is, the very few family farms that actually still exist.  (Another effective of unbridled power allowed by a corrupt government.)  Most farms are actually owned by massive industrial corporations.  The net effect is very simple.  If the farmer wants to plant seed, they must buy it from Monsanto and they must abide by their terms just as any slave must do.  And that means companies can employ any tactics they wish.  If farmers don’t oblige, they will lose their farms.  Period. 

This is the exact same tyranny that people in Libya, China, North Korea and Egypt, to name a few, are struggling to overcome today.   And if you believe in this ridiculous, mathematically-ignorant ideology of free markets, you had better get your head out of your asshat and start thinking about your future.  Or you won’t have one.  This same dynamic is in play across every aspect of our economy.  That includes how monopoly has busted collective bargaining in our country with the assistance of the state.  (A crime in itself.)  And how monopoly is subverting our freedoms.  Or how too big to fail crooks on Wall Street extorted our society for tens of trillions of dollars.  And destroyed our economy.   The list of consequences is as long as the list of tyrannies.  We are a fascist country that is ruled by men and not by laws.  No ifs, ands or buts.   Jefferson, Madison, Washington and Paine would see a greater tyranny than existed in pre-revolutionary times under the duress of fraudulent England were alive today.  Of that I am completely certain.   None of this is really anything new for long time readers.  It’s simply a rehash focused directly on a specific activity – industrial farming.  

I am going to highlight this in greater detail on what is happening in Wisconsin in a post next  week and the role useful idiots are playing in creating their own demise and the demise of democracy,  as they have for decades.   Make no mistake, we are seeing countless examples of state-based and corporate-based terror in the United States. 

I want you to remember something when you put this in context.  Something we have written countless times over the years on here in a position that is uniquely ours.   One that has started to come to pass around the world with the state, tyranny, corporations other other soon to be experienced dynamics.  That is, this cycle could very easily be termed the end of big.  And that does not just apply to corporations.  And that applies to all of the other dynamics associated with the perversion that big encourages.

The system is in the process of failing.  And that is a very good thing.

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