Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Entrapment As Government Policy – The FBI Goes Rogue

I was going to let this story pass.  Mother Jones did the investigation but their web site and story were unclear and disheveled.   It is a somewhat poorly organized and confusing account of some good investigative journalism.  But CounterPunch does a much better job of dicing the Mother investigation and presenting it in a coherent and easily understood format. 

If you are a Muslim in America, you have ever reason to believe you are being targeted and spied on by the state.  Whether you are the 99% of citizens who are peaceful or not really doesn’t matter.   The state needs a boogey man and shit happens.   Tag.  You’re it. 

This environment has all of the makings of countless state-based witch hunts.  In the U.S. we just do things like lock up innocent Japanese Americans during the war.  But, we don’t do the same to German Americans.  As George Carlin would say, that’s because we only target brown people.  This is a favorite standup  of mine from George.  Funny but disturbingly true.  May he rest in peace.

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