Friday, September 23, 2011

Scientists Capture Particles Traveling Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

We won’t have confirmation until this is validated by other research teams but as someone remarked elsewhere, Einstein may be about to be thrown under the bus.  It’s way too early to draw that conclusion yet.

We have said on here numerous times that most science is not fact at all but merely the extent of human knowledge at any point in time.   And that science is often corrupted by politics, ideology and inertia of self-interested bureaucracies.  If this isn’t the discovery that shatters the foundations of modern physics, eventually something else will.   It’s all good.  It’s all part of the human mind’s search for truth. 

This ties in nicely with our remarks that in cycles of volatility institutions of the human ego are exposed to possible failure.  Science, political systems, economics, nuclear power plants and other human-based institutions are nothing more than inventions of the ego.   The universe cares not about any of them.  They are simply manifestations of our mind.   As such, as the search for truth discovers fallacies in our current belief systems, we shall see those heretofore accepted beliefs of the ego crumble before our very eyes.  And in their place will be a greater enlightenment in our journey. 

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