Monday, September 19, 2011

The System Of Control Is Failing - Geithner’s High Profile Visit Leaves Europeans More Dumbstruck Than Starstruck

This environment is starting to remind me of a post-apocalyptic science fiction B-movie titled “Reign of Terror” where dragons prey on  the earth and on humanity.  Sound familiar?  Eventually when there is no one left to prey on, the dragons start preying on each.   There is no moral conscience or code that drives evil’s desire for control.  Where there is no moral clarity or rule of law to protect from  predation, evil will always turn against evil at some point.   We see this in countless examples today and throughout history where man turns against man. 

As an evil and morally-bankrupt global financial cabal and criminal global economic system starts to implode, the evil forces that control it will eventually turn against themselves as it did in Reign of Terror.    That is the basic truth associated with neoliberalism.  It is survival of the fittest.  Or, survival of those most willing to throw their fellow man under the bus.  There is no search for truth in any of the neoliberal institutions around the world today.  If there were, we would see reasoned debates on how we solve crises around us.  How we create a democratic economic system that meets the needs of all of our citizens or how we solve many of the great crises facing humanity.  Instead we simply see a neoliberal system seeking to impose its authority or its control on innocent and free peoples.  We see self-interested evil attempting to maintain its control and authority rather than to serve humanity or society. 

The human mind only has two intents in every experience it faces; the intent to control or the intent to seek truth.   Control is driven exclusively by the human ego.  The human mind’s need for control creates negative energy, emotional instability, depression, anxiety and other self-destructive outcomes.  These two intents are mutually-exclusive.  There is no overlap.  

There is one primary intent of authority around the world today.  That is, simply to maintain and extend neoliberal control.  The ego’s unstable desire for control, which exists in every human being, is why no man should ever have dominion over another.      Democracy has morphed from a form of self-rule via elected public servants (those who subsume their ego for the good of society and humanity)  to instead self-granted authority and dominion over society and humanity driven by the ego.  And, it is for this very reason that these institutions are failing around the world. 

There is no truth to be found in any of the economic or financial institutions around the globe who use authority and control to prey upon innocent people.   There is only ego and its associated need for control.  So, what we see are attempts at control like Geithner’s attempt to tell the European bureaucrats what to do.   To send a message of control delivered by a morally-bankrupt political system beholden to criminal bankers and fascist shills for corporate power.  And in return, European bureaucrats play the same hand of control on the European people as they seek to impose their morally-bankrupt interests or control upon the sovereign people of Europe.

Control is an illusion created by the ego.   Control only exits in the human mind.  It isn’t real.  The system of control is failing as the search for truth becomes manifestly evident to those seeking it.  Open your mind and you will see. 

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