Monday, September 12, 2011

Goldman Sachs Stock Breaks Under $100 For The First Time Since March Of 2009

It was just the summer of 2008 when Goldman was pushing towards $250 a share.  And their calls for oil were $300 a barrel.    And just six months ago Goldman was pushing $180 a share.   In 2008 the mainstream financial press was citing Goldman Sachs as some unbeatable economic juggernaut hiring only the most gifted and genius in the world.   Ahem.   In 2008 we were contrarily writing of coming doom again as we were six months ago. 

Intelligence as measured by mainstream society is often a HIGHLY dubious metric based substantially on roteness and mimicry aka delusions and ideology.    There were a lot of well-educated people in the failed Soviet Union bureaucracy as well.  And, all joking aside, there could be a case study comparing substantial parallels between the two. 

Goldman Sachs is a bureaucracy beholden to the status quo.  Everything it does is driven by ideology.  On how to thrive in an environment of the status quo.   Most of that by attempting to rig the game in its favor.  Remember, we have uniquely written for quite a few years that Goldman Sachs is in serious trouble because its business model is completely unsustainable.   For those who believe they will adapt, don’t bet on it.   Do you see any examples of the status quo successfully adapting around the world today?  There are countless historical examples when adaptation was trumped by extinction. 

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