Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Secret Message Straight From The Mouths Of Elites For The Useful Idiots Unwittingly Doing Their Dirty Work.

Unwittingly………..  I think we call that person a dimwit.

It’s amazing how many useful idiots there are on our society today.  Many are financial bloggers.  Many are Tea Party members who hate government.  Any government.  There are many people who ignorantly and unknowingly mouth for elites who hate democratic government and democracy.   Elites love fascism, corporate welfare and the war state.  They support anything that enriches their power and control.      Not so much for social programs that serve the need of society and  underprivileged.   Often underprivileged because of the undue power and control of elites.  Unstable minds of the often sociopathic and evil driven by power and control don’t care one bit about you, me, our communities, our democracy or our country.  This ties directly into our upcoming second civil war post and into our prior posts about the appeasement of evil.  

Part one of the Koch brother audio tapes

Part two of the Koch brother tapes

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