Friday, September 02, 2011

Some Light Weekend Reading On The War State

Half a dozen links to stories you won’t see on Fox News or in the Wall Street Journal.  It just makes me all warm inside knowing the war state is involved in activities I can be proud of.  Activities we can encourage our children to dream about as careers when they grow up. 

Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant and the greatest tool of good versus evil.  Just as we wrote years ago that Wall Street’s countless opaque instruments are opaque by design because you can’t schtoop counterparties when they are informed.  Illegitimacy and evil can’t survive against the search for truth and reason in the light.  It only thrives in the darkness.

  1. Britain and European governments helped U.S. commitment countless crimes colluding with torture.
  2. Former U.S. government official (the same one driving the return of normalized relations and a major U.S. corporation doing billions in the Middle East) aided Libya’s Gaddafi in how to win the propaganda war.  Gaddafi is one of the most murderous thugs in the world today.  New reports are stating the number tortured or killed upwards of a million people and regardless of the rhetoric, Gaddafi kept in regular contact with many prominent American politicians.
  3. Court case involving CIA contractors reveals how CIA involved U.S. for-profit contractors in extraordinary rendition (illegal detaining and torturing) crimes.   Orwellian aviation contractor calls illegally abducted targets who flew on its planes “invitees”. 
  4. Billing dispute reveals CIA rendition flight information.
  5. Human rights chief says European leaders complicit in helping U.S. commit countless crimes in war on terror.
  6. Did CIA rendition flights rely on forged State Departments letters?
  7. And finally, what appears to be a brainwashed (Or maybe just evil. Do we really know?  I do know there is too much political correctness and unwillingness to call a spade a spade in the war state.) General Petraeus, who is readying to become the war state’s head of many illegal activities as CIA chief, warns against spending cuts for the war state.  Spending that some argue is over $1 trillion annually.  If accurate, this is more than 2x the military spending of the rest of the world combined.  All while Americans rot in poverty.  Is Petraeus, as an example, really a patriot or a neoliberal elite?  An elite seeking to impose his unsettled mind’s view of a violent world he is helping to create. 

Are you thinking for yourself or are you listening to the propaganda?

In the light of day, evil is exposed.  As people who hold democratic values dear to their heart come forward to expose the fraud and illegitimacy of state-based secrecy, the system as it is now constructed becomes unstable.  Becomes unsustainable. 

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