Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nevada – A Ground Zero For Wall Street’s Mortgage Fraud – Files Suit That Jeopardizes Obama’s Dirty Banker Deal

A follow up to Taibbi’s original Obama’s Dirty Banker Deal post.   Will the pressure mount for more state AGs to follow suit and subvert Obama’s dirty deal?   Let’s hope so.  You might consider contacting your state AG and expressing your desire for them to follow New York and Nevada’s lead and not give criminal cover to bankers. 

Interesting that a few commenters to this ProPublica story have remarked as I have for quite some time that Wall Street should be prosecuted under RICO organized crime laws.   If we ever see a return to functioning democracy, that very well could eventually happen.  Wall Street corrupt racket is exponentially more harmful and more systemic than any organized crime syndicate in this country’s history. 

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