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State’s Rights - Scotland Prepares To Leave The U.K.

Back when we first started this blog, we wrote that we were entering a period of rising nationalism.  At that time Hank Paulson, George Bush and Wall Street criminals were telling us life was good.   Paulson said and we quoted at that time that he had never seen a global economy as strong as this.  Contrarily, we were writing of coming doom.  Not just in the U.S. but more so around the globe.  At that time, that was a very lonely position as most bearish minds were focused on the U.S.   And as we have written for ages, the largest crises will be outside of the U.S.   That dynamic is just now starting to reveal itself.    Yet still today the status quo tells us globalization is unstoppable.  Wanna bet? 

Anyway, we have also been ranting that the future will be a return of localization and State’s Rights for ages.   When we first started talking about State’s Rights, the left-leaning political mob and Homeland Security bureaucrats were LABELING State’s Rights advocates as possible terrorists, loonies and other generally unsavory terms used to marginalize reasoned dissent.  Nothing more than a timeless trick used to crush reason rather than consider the truth.   A trick that would have labeled Thomas Jefferson’s State’s Rights perspectives as a potential terrorist.

ter·ror·ism – noun - the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

How true has that push for local sovereignty and nationalism now become?  Everywhere.   Japan just elected a nationalist as they sack leader after leader cowtowing to the globalization criminals.  Scotland is seeking a return to its sovereignty as nationalists have gained an upper hand.   Iceland flipped the EU banking criminals the bird when they demanded Iceland repay their criminal debts.  States in the U.S. are pushing back on Washington hegemony.  The EU is under tremendous pressure as citizens seek a return to local rights and rule.  

Are these the actions of an unreasoned mind?   No.  Those are simply examples of a global movement to restore sanity to people’s lives.  People want more responsibility and say in their economic and personal liberties. Look around the United States at neighborhoods and communities that have been hollowed out by Washington political corruption.   Community is necessary to achieve any type of harmony in one’s existence.  People want to add to the richness not only to their personal lives but to their community or the world around them.   People want to make a difference and they want to determine how they do that.  They want to fulfill their life dreams regardless of how simple they are.   There is a need for a national government but it is not the need defined by the Republicans and Democrats.  It is a need that should be meant to protect and enrich our lives. 

The game is over.   There is nothing anyone in Washington can do before the 2012 elections to stop the tide. 

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