Thursday, September 15, 2011

ProPublica’s Dollars For Doctors

ProPublica keeps adding to its Dollars for Doctors series with many new stories.

While medicine is a noble profession, I know from first hand experience that as our current morally-bankrupt health care system is architected, doctors play a substantial role as keepers of the status quo and that often means they subvert the search for truth rather than enabling it.   One such example of this is the pharma industry that employs money as a method for ‘encouraging’ the support of doctors.   I’m not going to doctorize on here but we have become a pill-popping nation.  And there are SUBSTANTIAL holes in the efficacy of much of that pill-popping as there are many unintended consequences; many of which are unknown. 

The future of health care in this county is going to be vastly different than what the bloated health care bureaucracy has ramped up for today.   For-profit health insurance is criminal.  Period.  Making people choose between bankruptcy or health care in a country that can pay bankers trillions of dollars to blow up the world is a crime against humanity.  Period.  The system needs transformed.   (And for those who let talking heads of the status quo tell you our health care system is fine and that changing it is socialism or communism or other absolutely ridiculous ad hominem attacks, President Nixon proposed national health care. If Ted Kennedy were still alive, we would have some type of workable plan rather than corrupt corporatist ObamaCare.) 

The light of day that ProPublica and others are providing will eventually help transform this system into one that serves society rather than monied special interests who don’t have a primary intent to serve anything but their own greed. 

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