Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Impacts Of Republican & Democrat Neoliberalism And Corporate Fascism - Census Bureau Reports Record Poverty

Pro-business government policy is simply another word for fascism or corporatism.   Pro-business policy create an environment of pro-corruption, pro-government bribery, pro-corporatism, pro-elitism, pro-statism, pro- war state, pro-corporate personhood and pro-neoliberalism.    President Bill Clinton, President George Bush, President Barack Obama, front-running Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, nearly all of Congress and the United States Supreme Court through various failed or fraudulent decisions are all pro-business.  Most politicians unabashedly claim they are pro-business as Rick Perry gleefully remarked two nights ago at the Tea Party debate.  

Politicians from both parties obviously know who pays their bills and lines their pockets.  And, in order to get the billions of dollars of corporate money needed to run both political parties (both political parties are in fact registered corporations) they all realize they must bow before their masters with praise of being pro-business.

Pro-market government policy creates working markets, a vibrant economy, a flow of new economic ideas, competition for our country’s labor, jobs and sustainability.  

It’s getting a little old listening to the Republican  congressional leadership blabber on about cutting benefits to poverty-stricken people.  And that those on unemployment or welfare need to be tested for drugs because it’s manifestly evident most of these low life lazy slobs are crack heads that don’t want to work.

Article highlighting recent release of poverty date

Recent release of date from Census Bureau web site

Census Bureau poverty data directory

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