Friday, September 16, 2011

Rick Perry Explains How “Supernatural Events” Rain Guides Him

I just can’t resist some of the absolutely and continual ridiculousness of politicians.   If a politician is talking, a source of comedy is just around the corner. 

Some time I will dust off my old philosophy coursework and maybe even use a little bit of Boolean algebra to prove that politics and politicians can never be a source of truth.   That is much of the basis for why I wrote not too long ago that at some point humanity will move to a post-political form of self-rule.  Politics and politicians are both relics of early civilization.  And at some point, we’ll rid ourselves of both just as we have other faulty relics of past human existence.   

In the mean time, a friend sent me this and I threw up a little in my mouth while listening to it.   It’s good to know that demagogy and pandering are alive and well as a central tenant to politics.

Our society is crumbling because we have a government not based on the rule of law but on the whims of man.  Because our rule of law is being shred by the whims of politicians, bankers and corporate cronies.   God told President Bush to invade Iraq,  political leaders of both parties believe God has chosen them to lead the U.S. in a holy war, President Obama is now purported to have said he is relying on gut instinct to fix the economic mess politicians have created and now Rick Perry is interpreting rainfall as God’s will to guide his future. (And if he wins the presidency, your future too)

As I have said before, we live in a society where your right to ignorance or to divine your future by rain or voices in your head are protected by law.  And I support that right whole-heartedly.  But, a free and vibrant society can only flourish under the framework of reason, logic, science,  the search for truth and the associated rule of law.   And by the way, reason, logic, science and the search for truth are completely consistent with spirituality as taught by Christ, the Buddha and many others.  It is not consistent with governing a society based on voices in your head.   Regardless of whether those voices are real or that of your imaginary friend Bob, our society is based not on those voices but on the rule of law, the search for truth, reason and logic.   The rule of law protects us from those voices or any other whims of man. 

Politics and politicians will never fix our economy.  Ever.  Only reason, logic, the search for truth and the associated rule of law will ever lead to an economic recovery in this country.   Now leaders in positions of authority may institute reasoned and logical solutions that will enable the American people and our economy but that would require electing a leader to political office.  Today, we have no leadership willing to embrace these successful principles.   We have no leaders in politics. 

The more meddling and bandaids politicians try to slap on an economic system based wholly on the whims of man, the larger this crisis will eventually become.   And no amount of rainfall will change this fact.

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