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The Cycle Of Volatility, The World Is Not As It Seems And Other Timely Rants - Japan Quake May Have Struck Atmosphere First. Huh? :)

For newer readers, one of our primary theses in here is that we are living through a cycle of volatility.  And that the volatility we are experiencing in the natural world is no different than the economic and political volatility we now see unfolding around the globe.  This thesis really started to show signs of validity in the 2008 collapse and the subsequent economic and political environments since.  I have put up countless posts on this topic over the years.  Some quite bizarre.   Most at the time were probably wondering what any of these posts had to do with economics or markets.   Some people probably still wonder.   :)

Quite a few years ago I put up a post were I said I was intrigued by the potential for the source of volatility to be extraterrestrial in origin.  Some time later I posted a link to a scientist who theorized, quite elegantly might I add, that earthquakes were caused by extraterrestrial forces beyond our solar system.  Well, this recent announcement that Japan’s earthquake may have struck the atmosphere first does not confirm this theory but it is likely the start of the crumbling of existing scientific ideology.  A crumbling that may ultimately lead to the realization of earthquakes being caused by forces well beyond the earth.  Maybe more importantly, beyond the human ego’s endless desire to control the world around us.

The consistent use of manipulation that those seeking power use to divide people appeals directly to the ego or manufactured self-image.    If one is able to release the ego and “just be” in the moment and remove our conditioned ego-driven belief system and its associated response, one can experience a different reality.  That is, the search for truth.    One realizes in this moment that the self only exists in the human mind.  Or put another way, if I am to be at peace and achieve true contentment, I must embrace the community of life as a part of me.  While the human experience tries to separate itself from the world around it, the reality is completely the opposite.  The reality is we are all connected in ways that are clearly not understood.  And we are all interconnected with the universe in ways that are not at all understood.   Once we come to this realization, we understand that the forces that impact our planet also affect our mind and consequently our behavior.  So, is the volatility created by the human ego’s desire for control and the institutions of control it creates truly separate from the volatility we see in weather patterns, as an example?  Or are the same forces simply producing different measurable outcomes? 

This is a good point of interjecting something I wrote on here long ago.  The fact that modern institutions of learning, or institutions of the ego, generally reject any such connected experience to the world around us shows how little truth there is in this world.   That separateness leads to institutions of learning often silo-ing science and education.   So, we have people studying earthquakes, evolution or economics, to use three failed examples, who have little to no understanding of basic sciences, theories or knowledge espoused beyond those protecting these silos of ideology.   This leads to endless examples of junk science and nonsensical conclusions that would hold no merit were knowledge not controlled by artificial, ego-driven, man-made hierarchies but instead were distributed freely amongst anyone with knowledge which added to the state of science, be they college-educated or not.   In other words, be they part of the silo-ed ideology or not; quite simply the democratization of knowledge.  This is surely blasphemy to the keepers of the scientific faith or ideology who make a living protecting such failed edifices across a wide spectrum of education. And they do so for ego-driven purposes of control rather than any desire to seek scientific truth.   This very reason is one major contributor to why most knowledge is nothing more than brainwashed belief systems of the ego.   And why people outside of existing ideology are almost always the sources of new ways of thinking and new ideas that propel society, art, literature, culture and science forward.   In other words, those outside of the illegitimate forces of hierarchy and established ideology are most often the sources of human advancement.     

Examples of this ego-driven search for control exist everywhere in the world around us.  Alan Greenspan,  Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson and Timothy Geithner have all remarked that no one could have seen this environment coming.  There were many people who saw this coming.  They just weren’t steeped in silo-ed ideology pawned off as an education by the keepers of the faith that guard such useless drivel as esteemed knowledge.  Knowledge only the very few paying participants (students) or professional members of the ideology club are able to access.   Another example is in one of our posts we showed that scientists have measured warming of the planets and some of the moons in our solar system; thus blowing a massive hole in the man-made global warming ideologists and the hierarchy of useless drivel they espouse for their ego-driven interests.  Now, we have an out of the mainstream view espoused by a scientist in Japan telling us that the atmosphere was showing substantial disturbances before the massive earthquake to hit Japan.  A phenomenon I would guess is exactly what was occurring during the Chaiten volcanic activity we highlighted some years ago.   I don’t think too much of this Japanese scientists discoveries fit into existing ideology taught at universities or accepted by most in that field of study either.   I could go on and on with endless examples in medicine, evolution and other religious institutions of control that are mockingly portrayed as science.   As I have said repeatedly, most everything you will ever learn in your life isn’t truth at all.  What is it then?  It’s all a dream.  An ego-driven delusion based on nothing more than false and unsubstantiated beliefs.    

What does it prove that you got an "A” in a subject that is ultimately found out to be based on voodoo or junk science or ideology or even complete and utter bullshit?  And that you then spent your entire career fostering and furthering efforts to accept that belief system that may or may not be exposed as false within your life time?   Well, I’ll tell you what it means using one of my favorite terms of endearment.  You might just be a learned idiot.  The reality is that your belief system or views of science or any particular topic don’t exist anywhere outside of your mind.    This type of rigid thinking is pervasive in our companies, our universities, our religious institutions and our government; essentially any place there is a bureaucracy or hierarchy of knowledge and authority there is a potential subversion of the search for truth by rigid thinking and self-interested ideologists whose primary intent is the search for authority and control.    The democratic ideal that no man should hold dominion over another man most assuredly applies to the search for truth well beyond democracy itself to include the institutions of ego created by man.  Are you truly free if your mind is filled with useless clutter placed there by others who seek to gain authority and control rather than the noble search for truth that science, art, literature and human achievement should be based upon?  

Should we be teaching anything as truth or simply a belief that no human being has been able to disprove at any given moment in time?  And, should the search for truth be less about rote learning of what has already been discounted and more about what truth may exist within the uncluttered human mind.  Your mind.   And what beautiful impact the expression of that truth may have on your experience and on humanity. 

Now, there is one difference between the recent discovery in Japan and the recent discovery that there may be particles that travel faster than the speed of light and the voodoo that we call economics.  Economics affects the lives of every person on this planet.  It has determined how our livelihood and the human experience are controlled by those espousing the beliefs behind this failed ideology.  If economists and those living in ivory towers of learning, who are hidden from the real world implications of their bloviating bullshit, had to live in the world their beliefs create, they couldn’t survive.  If economists couldn’t hide behind their ivory towers of academia while living off of other people’s money, and actually had to find jobs in the real world by espousing their useless bullshit, the profession would simply disappear.  The free market they advocate as they hide behind their ivory towers of anti-free marketism, would have no demand for their services.  It’s mumbo jumbo as a profession: 

What do you do for a living?  I spew mumbo jumbo.  Oh, we have an opening for that skill in our department of endless bullshit right down the hall.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way down there. 

Now if society deems it necessary to invest in the study of useless bullshit, well then that’s okay.  But, keep it out of my life.   It should be for your own self-expression and others who wish to share that expression.  Let’s stick to what we actually understand  when it comes to jobs, health care, social safety nets and other human needs to provide our citizens with a safe and stable world to live in.   That is, we as a nation and a member of the community of life, often need to rely on others in time of need.  And our society should acknowledge this in how we make the human experience a more fulfilling one.   Then we can work backward from this noble truth to design a world and society that includes everyone.  A world where we are all worthy.   Because we indeed are all worthy.       

How often have we said on here the world is not as it seems?  And that most science is not truth at all but instead the extent of human knowledge at any given point in time?   How true that really is as we see institution of the ego or the human mind fail left and right over the past handful of years – science, economics, political structures, corporations, finance, countries, education, nuclear power plants, manipulated religion, man-made global warming, etc.  The list is long and illustrious.   And, mind you, these failures are an incredible “achievement” necessary for the advancement and evolution of the human race and for our collective consciousness.    

This seems a good place to make a timely closing remark.  I try to provide a different experience on here.    We have attacked almost every belief system anyone could possibly have.  Ideologues will never find a place to worship on here.   And that is what many blogs have become.  They are places of worship for people who have adopted a like-minded ideology.   I could cite every major financial or investment blogger out there as a source of a particular religion.   (By the way, atheism is a religion too.)  By inserting an external human authority into what the spiritual experience should be – an experience where truth is found from within – religion and man-made hierarchies both foundationally become a source of external control by the human ego.  As I have said numerous times on here, the only source of incontrovertible truth comes from within.  The only thing in your life that you will know with complete certainty is what exists within you.  Every advancement in the history of man came from within.  It never came from the beliefs of others.  All you have to do is surrender to the moment and look.  You will find it. 

This blog is nothing more than the often raw, unedited view into what I have found within me.  That’s it.  I’m not trying to get you to buy my DVDs.  I’m not trying to convince you to hand over your investment money to me.   Or any of the countless other sources of conflicts of interest that lead to the subversion of truth.   The same subversion of truth that drives the ego to protect hierarchies of failed ideology like economics, private for-profit banking and a beholden political system driven by the ego’s desire for control.  

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