Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How Did Trickle-Down (Social Darwinism) Get Acceptable?

Because either you bought the elite’s propaganda or were without a voice to defend against it in a country bought and paid for by monied greed and corruption.  

Interestingly, David Stockman is cited in this article as never believing Ronald Reagan’s ideological drivel and publicly admonishing it.    Stockman has recently come out and stated that the Republican Party alone destroyed the United States economy.  While I agree that their corruption put the policies in place, both parties share a substantial complicity.   Reagan made Social Darwinism an acceptable belief system.  Bill Clinton and Algore turned it into an art form.   They also are the true godfathers of a for-profit government.    

Don’t miss the link in this story to a 1981 David Stockman story by William Greider.  As we have said before, Greider is one of the most brilliant journalists in the twentieth century.  He is one of of but a handful of public figures who foretold all of what we are witnessing today.   And he foretold of it well before its symptoms, a massive debt bubble, massive government corruption, the war state, deregulation, economic anarchy and many other symptoms were visible.  In other words, Greider never believed the lies of the mind that our senses delude us with.  

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