Saturday, October 01, 2011

U.S. Gasoline Consumption At Lowest Levels In Over 10 Years

One more time…  Peak Oil is a myth.  It is all predicated on a con game.  We have enough carbon-based energy in the U.S. to conservatively last 500 years.  By some measures, we have enough to last well over 1,000 years.   Were we to see substantial increases in efficiency, which we will, the number could well be into the thousands of years.  Do you believe any alternative energies will be available by then?  They are available today.   We showed an example of what was possible through research that was done to convert the U.S. economy to alternative energy right now some years ago.  It’s impossible to give an accurate assessment of how long our carbon-based energy will last but the point is, we have a lot of it. 

As we wrote back in the peak of Peak Oil insanity when panic was seemingly rampant, the stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stones.    The oil age won’t end because we ran out of oil.  Linear thinking (rear view mirror analysis)  is always the predominant failure of scientific illiterates.  You know, like Al Gore and other status quo con men who have a primary intent of controlling us stupid people through their brilliant schemes.   Participating in reasoned discourse is necessary but that is not what is going on.   What is happening is that monied and powerful interests have hijacked and manipulated science.  They have turned it away from a noble search for truth to a form of control.  Nothing wrong with wanting to save the planet.  But there are ways of doing so that create jobs and serve all of humanity.  But actually doing so means the status quo has to relinquish control.  Or we have to take it from them.  You will be the decider in that dynamic.   De cider?  Is that French?  Like french fries?  Well, we might have to boycott that.  Freedom fries!  No more De cider!   Instead, Freedom cider!  

We have more excess oil today than at any time in the last thirty years.   Additionally, the last time gasoline consumption was this low, the average price at a U.S. pump was about $1.50 a gallon.  Just 18 months prior to that, oil was at $10 a barrel and gasoline briefly dipped below $1 a gallon in some areas of the country.    Our position has always been that oil is going to bust and could again drop to $10 a barrel.  That ties in nicely with our thesis that the OPEC nation economies are going to zero give or take.  Then guess what happens?   I wouldn’t want to be part of the Saudi royal family cabal.  Hey, we haven’t said the world is in a cycle of volatility just for grins and giggles.  It’s going to be interesting to say the least.   And we can expect none of it will work out the way it was intended by the status quo.  Because the status quo was never interested in truth.  Just power and control.  When that illusion is shattered, some level of the truth will be revealed.   

Maybe aliens will return to earth and save us.  Isn’t that what some people are talking about?  2012 is the return of the aliens?  Or the governments will reveal their hidden alien secrets and that aliens are returning as a part of that revelation?  Hey, I’m all for that.  Someone needs to save us from the tyranny of elites.  It’s either going to be aliens or you.  That’s right.  You.  Personally, I’m good with either outcome.

All of the anticipated outcomes we said would come to pass for the last six years continue to work out quite nicely. 

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