Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fish Always Rots From The Head First - Hewlett Packard Becomes The Latest In A Long List Of Companies Run By Dumbasses And The Morally-Bankrupt

This story is completely ridiculous.  HP’s board has shown itself unfit and unqualified to run HP.   The board should do the honorable thing and dissolve itself and put a plan in place to find a replacement board.

When I got out of school about twenty years ago, HP was one of two companies nearly every electrical or computer engineer wanted to work for.   They were a company run by engineers who embraced a culture of excellence and the search for truth.  How the mighty have fallen; a timeless truth of the human condition and all of its institutions.   

This is just another in an endless list of examples of a long held thesis on here that we live in a leaderless society.   And we live in a leaderless society generally because we live in a society where everything is driven first and foremost by money and therefore by self-interest.  Or put another way, driven by control rather than the search for truth.  One cannot serve two masters – the search for money and truth are mutually exclusive.  The search for money is driven by control.  It is without virtue.  The search for truth leading to riches that may include money is the only noble endeavor of capitalism and human industriousness.  Greed is not good.  Greed is driven by evil. 

Rather, leadership or positions of service (CEOs, public servants, etc) have been filled by the most unsavory and incompetent elements in our society to the point where now what our society values beyond all else are the values of those valueless people; greed, and self-service.   HP’s board didn’t care enough about its responsibility to HP employees, HP shareholders, our society or HP the company to even meet with the CEO before hiring him.  They were “too busy”.  Too busy to be responsible for their social, fiduciary, legal and moral obligations?   Too busy to honor the rule of law?  They should return their compensation and resign.

The financialization of our society has led to its moral decay as always happens in any society.   A fish always rots from the head first.   The U.S. is not failing because of any foreign enemy.  The U.S. is collapsing from within because of the moral decay of its leaders.  Leaders who don’t share the same values as most Americans.  Leaders who do not share the values outlined in our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.    Leaders who do not value community, connectedness, compassion and moral clarity but instead who value above all else the self, the ego and its desire for control at any cost.     

Self-service is not public service.  Self service is not democracy.   Self-service always leads to eventual collapse of the status quo.  Our society is collapsing from within.  Our society is collapsing from moral decay of those in positions of authority.  It’s just that simple.    

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