Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ron Paul Sticks With His Principles, Climbs in Polls

These Republican debates have become generally ridiculous.  Or as Chris Hedges has recently penned about the state of American politics, The Election March of the Trolls.  To watch the two Ken dolls Mitt Romney and Rick Perry see who can shill the most for corporations, the war state and their ever-fluid  positions on countless topics, in some disturbing twist to rise in the polls at any cost, is a grim reminder of the unstable persona of people seeking authority and power.   Having the Dalai Lama participate in any U.S. political debates would raise the level of rhetoric exponentially in the categories of truth, compassion and virtue.  But, in lieu of his presence, Ron Paul seems to be just about the only voice representing any reason, moral clarity and truth.  The corporate or troll state as Hedges amusingly remarks most assuredly fears Ron Paul substantially.   

It’s hard to get a feel for where Paul truly stands given his avid supporters tend to “stuff” the electronic polls.  But I would not be surprised to see it come down to Romney and Paul in the end.  Perry seems to be attempting to benefit from the anger many Americans justly feel about the corruption in our country.  But his message is fading fast by many measures because it’s filled with ill-thought and often anti-humanist positions.    The centered, connected and reasoned mind wants to see virtues in our society restored, but not a dismantling of our social values and many associated social contracts our citizens share with each other through a common bond of dignity and compassion.   Anger against injustice and corruption is virtuous but it must be channeled into constructive solutions.  With Ron Paul, you know exactly what you are going to get.  Straight talk.  Some you may agree with.  Some you may not.  But, personally, I can agree whole-heartedly with ending corporate welfare, the war state, endless banking fraud, government corruption and government spying on its citizens.  

Regardless of any differences I might have with Paul’s economic ideas, I believe strongly that it is in the best interests of America’s future that Ron Paul continue to rise in the polls.  In other words, in the search for truth and moral clarity, people can put aside many differences to achieve greater good for the people of our nation and of the world.

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