Monday, September 26, 2011

Greece Faces Austerity Strike .. Again. Yawn.

As the prospect of a disastrous debt default hung over Greece, the government faced strikes and protests Monday against new austerity measures needed to appease the country's rescue creditors.

Disastrous for whom?   I think not.  There is no loss of factory or loss of home or loss of electricity or loss of drinking water in Greece as happened with the recent Fukushima disaster.   I am simply amazed at how many “experts” in the financial and investing community are deluded by the lies created in their own mind.  Debt is a fiction created by the human mind.  It simply isn’t real.   Debt didn’t cause the Great Depression and monetizing it won’t cause hyperinflation.  This is simply about control.

If the EU thugs will not pay off the debts or forgive them, default!   Austerity, the advice of banksters and EU politicians is a crime against humanity.  Austerity only leads to more austerity.   The people of Greece must retake their freedom.  Demand the debts are forgiven or leave the EU.   

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