Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Kleptocrats Pick Their Man: Wall Street Cranks Up Donations To Mitt Romney, Their Number One Son

The old saying of follow the money definitely rings true everywhere we look in society today.  From relatively obscure examples like self-serving exploitation in college sports to some of the lunatic fringe religious fanatics to the corporate state’s exploitation of its citizens to the war state’s exploitation of resources and people around the world to the ultimate example being the massive and almost incomprehensible fraud that defines the American political system.  A system that directly and indirectly rakes in untold billions of dollars for no other reason than favoritism.  We have a for-profit government.  Isn’t this what the Republicans have been telling us for years?   That government should be run like a business?   Well, I don’t know about that but it is definitely run like a big business; where girth and power (cronyism) are used to drive out competition for ideas and to sustain bureaucratic and incompetent bloat.  Profit and exploitation (obviously for profit) are its primary motives.   The United States Corporation of America.  In Profit We Trust.

Given the vast majority of Americans are broke while corporations have record profits, (I think we call that exploitation) we know that politicians who raise the most money will do so by genuflecting the deepest to their corporate masters.     

Romney loves to tell everyone he is an experienced business leader.  Well, I’ve worked with business leaders most of my adult life and I’m not sure I’ve ever worked with someone like Romney.   Romney worked in private equity, a business we said before the 2008 collapse is headed into the dung heap of history.  And, I am still quite certain of that position. (The financial cabal is again teetering on the precipice.)  

Private equity uses other people’s money(often government-backed money courtesy of Wall Street criminals) to buy companies who were created on the hard work and creativity of other people’s hands and minds, to then extract (plunder) their fair share of the company’s assets for personal gain before breaking the company up or selling it off after time had inflated away much of the debts taken on while pulling this little con game.   (That inflated away thing isn’t working so well any more. eh?  Without that inflating away dynamic, private equity is exposed for what it really is.  Financial rigging,  financial manipulation, etc.

Does Romney have business experience?  Well, I guess he does.  If this is what we call business.  Personally, I think this sounds more like Romney has been on the corporate welfare wagon his whole life.  Private equity as it exists today could not exist without being on the government welfare role.  But more and more this is what defines business in the neoliberal economy.

It’s good to see the Wall Street kleptocracy are lining up behind their number one son.   If it’s up to Mitt, the status quo will get four more years.   

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