Saturday, October 08, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Stands Behind The Fascist Manifesto – Democracy Kills Jobs -- As He Shills For Wall Street

Excuse the French, but Mayor Bloomberg needs to take his asshat off.  One more time…..  Private for-profit banking may serve capitalism but there is absolutely not a single element of it that serves democracy.  Remember, the Nazis and the Chinese communists love capitalism.  We don’t live in a capitalism.  We live in a democracy.  Our economic model should serve democracy.   If capitalism can serve democracy, I’m all for it.  If not, then get rid of it.   (With the right changes, capitalism can serve democracy.)

I would love to hear any rationalizations anyone can come up with as to how private for-profit banking supports democracy because I’ve heard them all.  And none of them are defensible.  Additionally, finance is a tax on society.  It does not create wealth.  It consumes it.  Another reason why banking should be a public or democratically-controlled institution.  Everything Wall Street does is a tax on society.   Let me put this another way as I said on here before.   The government could just as soon pay people in finance to sit at home and do nothing rather than companies pay them to work.   Wall Street’s salaries, all of its expenses and profits are simply transfer payments just like unemployment insurance and food stamps.  In other words, Wall Street is the largest consumer of society’s wealth.  Period.   It is the largest welfare recipient in our country’s history.   It doesn’t compete in any free market it advocates.  It is a cabal living on welfare payments paid for by the grandmothers it endlessly rips off.

Our society would be better off firing everyone at Goldman Sachs and paying them all $50,000 a year in unemployment insurance.   (We are already essentially paying them welfare payments to destroy our economy as it is.)  Which, by the way, given everything they do is a tax, that’s $50,000 more than they are worth.  By the way, that would be a huge savings for society given the average salary at Goldman is about $450,000 a year.   If we factor in all of Goldman’s earnings and expenses, it would be an enormous savings to society.  Ditto for all Wall Street firms.     

Bloomberg is attempting to use control to subvert democracy in action.   That should be no surprise since we already have some idea how big his ego is.  Attempting to use ad hominem and unreasoned attacks against reasoned dissent and democracy is the game of the bureaucrat.   Of the mind that truly despises democracy.   But then Bloomberg has made a multi-billion dollar business supporting Wall Street’s endless Ponzi schemes.  And then he used his wealth, taken from society in the form of a tax, to feed his ego by becoming mayor of New York City.   Now he uses his authority to shill for Wall Street criminals.  Bloomberg is the consummate status quo elite.  So as far as I’m concerned, his remarks are talking to the hand.  As Joseph Schumpeter told us, Bloomberg is one of the status quo buffoons we need to push aside to fix our democracy and our economy.   In other words, people who think like him created this mess and we need new thinking to get out of it.

Maybe now we know why 700 peaceful demonstrators were arrested in New York City.   Fascism hates democracy and reasoned dissent. 

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