Monday, October 17, 2011

The European Union’s Attempt To Exert Greater Centralized Control Will Fail

What happens in any natural ecosystem where any particular organism gains too much control?  Genetically-modified foods?  Nature responds with its own unintended responses in order to subvert that control.  The examples of a system’s stasis being altered and then experiencing an unintended outcome are endless.  Nature is self-correcting or put another way, for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. 

What happens when the EU bureaucrats seek greater control and authority in order to save their man-made invention of the ego?

The reality is we can better explain what is going on around the world today by understanding biology more than by understanding economics.   And, really, the human experience is nothing more than a particular process of the biological world around us.  We, and by conclusion, our institutions of government and economics, are subjected to the same natural laws as those that define all life on earth.    A successful economic model would embrace constant change and reinvention that is part of the cycle of life within nature itself.  Not the authority of monopoly or the fascist state which seeks nothing more than control.

The human experience is really craving nothing more than a return to the biodiversity and natural cycle of chaos that a vibrant economic model would create.   The world is simply telling us that centralized control by an organism, authority,  is being met with the kinetics of natural law.   Natural forces will eventually return us to an environment of stasis or sustainability…..  and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.  

Change is inevitable.  Embracing change rather than fighting it is what leadership would do.  Authority, on the other hand, seeks control.  To resist change at all costs.  But control is nothing more than an illusion that only exists in the mind.   That illusion is only sustainable as long as society believes the illusion and accepts its mythical control. 

The EU’s attempt to exert greater control in order to save illegitimate authority will eventually be met with the same biological response nature would induce were a population of deer to become so large that they overran the natural resources that are able to sustain it.  The deer would become the illegitimate authority and nature would respond accordingly.  The deer population would need to disband or eventually die off until a sustainable ecosystem were met or something of the sort.    That is, the EU in its current form must change or fail as nature seeks a new and sustainable normal.   A normal that returns biodiversity to the economic and political environment within the area of Europe.  The same dynamic applies to authority all across the world.  Any authority over the biodiversity of life always fails.  Always.  Be it a natural or a man-made phenomenon. 

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