Saturday, January 28, 2012

CSPAN In Depth With Author And Journalist Chris Hedges

I have linked to Chris’ writings many times on here.  I appreciate Hedge’s perspective as very unique.   He is a son of a preacher.  He is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School.  He has lived abroad for much of his life so he has a global perspective on issues.  He is essentially a pacifist with some exception (Violence begets violence, hate begets hate.  Neither ever solve anything unless it is necessary to stop psychopaths like Hitler.  Ever.).  He understands the tie between democracy and economics better than any journalist I can think of.   He understands that those who suffer or are demonized or are excluded the most are often never heard.  He believes only nonviolent movements by the people will reform our government.  He understands the human condition.  He understands the corruption of politics by corporate power.  He understands how religion and politics are often used as bully pulpits to espouse hate and to attack those without a voice.  I appreciate and share all of those perspectives.  I often feel like his words come from inside of me. 

Earlier this month, Hedges gave a three hour interview on CSPAN.  All of the above topics and more are discussed.  It took me quite a few days to listen to all of it but it is one of the best uses of three hours I can remember.   I definitely think it is worth sharing.

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