Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bank of America Is Too Crooked to Fail. Microcosm Of The United States?

I missed Taibi’s latest but it was emailed to me by a friend.   Not a lot new but a very good read.  It’s a good read because Taibbi’s style is to lay it all on the table  with brutal honesty in a way that we can relate to consequences and perversions of our society and our economy.  Frankly, it would be nice if the mainstream media would entertain even varnished honesty with some regularity.  This type of reporting, style aside, should be in every newspaper and on every television news channel in America on a multitude of topics relevant to educating our society.  At the top of that list should be political corruption in Washington and how all of the other issues are a result of a for-sale government that enriches politicians.   Instead, positions of public service and leadership within our society remain silent while Americans rot.  I think we know why.

You know, I have remarked on here that before this cycle ends, the people of this country are likely to find out very disturbing “things” about our government.  Things that are hidden behind the veil of secrecy.  Secrecy or control will ultimately fail.   Maybe all at once.  Maybe in waves.  But truth cannot be controlled forever.  In fact, that is the basis for one of our long time theses on here – this is the cycle we see failures in institutions of the ego or of the self.  Or, put more plainly, institutions of control.   Politics is the consummate institution of the self or of control.

I would go so far as to say these “things” could be so disturbing they could precipitate  institutions of our society to fail or even disappear.   By the way, failure is not such a bad thing.  Failure is just as much a part of life as is success.  Death as much as birth.  Renewal and rebirth are part of the never-ending process of karma or Newton’s third law.    Pieces of the self, our perceptions and beliefs, die and rebirth numerous times throughout our lives as greater truth and knowledge unfolds.   Are you the same person you were ten years ago?  Of course not.   You most likely possess greater wisdom.  Even if that wisdom is that you don’t know what to believe in anymore.  That is a profound wisdom.  It is the foundation for greater belief in the greatest truth – inner truth.

One must be willing to consider that acts against humanity, even Americans, could be hidden behind that political secrecy.  This has been the case more than once in U.S. history.  When the state knowingly is aware of this type of behavior at Bank of America, on Wall Street and within predatory corporations as a whole, and does nothing, we can most certainly be assured of a few possibilities.  One, the state is complicit in this predation and two, the state itself considers these activities as perfectly acceptable.   In other words, it has become quite obvious that this behavior is compatible with the constructs of our political value system.   Put another way, Bank of America is a microcosm of the political culture of the United States.  It is a creature of the state.  So, that begs the question - what is the state involved with behind that veil of secrecy?  Secrecy which is outside of the power of democracy and self-rule?

For many years now, we have said that the U.S. could see Nuremburg-type tribunals at some point.  In the last year, I saw that someone else picked up on this as well.  It’s really not so far fetched.   Extra-judicial proceedings may be the only way to deal with a judicial system tainted by unrelenting political corruption.  How else does anyone explain the lack of judicial proceedings against corporate malfeasance?   It’s really quite simple.  We are a fascist state.  Corporations and rich elites buy our politicians and, by extension, our government.   The enablers of this fascism are for-profit political parties that are, in fact, registered corporations that benefit from the fascist comingling of money and politics.  It’s the only way they survive.  It’s the only way they control perceptions.  It’s the only way they subvert democratic truth.

The mainstream media, politicians and political parties remain silent.  All controlled by corporations and self-interest.  Our legal system remains captured. 

Only laws and not men (and corporations ruled by men)  have any legitimate authority to govern humanity.  Ironclad rules that protect our humanity, our dignity, our community and our democracy that are beyond the meddling of politicians, corporations and the state.

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