Sunday, April 01, 2012

Red Meat Halves Risk Of Depression

As a kid I killed, gutted and butchered wild and farm animals.   I’ve been in butcher houses where the only thing you smell is raw meat and blood.   Saving Bambi is a noble cause but not wishing to eat meat because you can’t stand that thought of butchering the food the planet gave us to be healthy is ridiculous.  That is an invention of modern society that removes people from their humanity.  Most people on this planet don’t go to the grocery store to buy their food in a can.  They kill it, butcher it and prepare it.  Eating meat is like mom, apple pie and Chevrolet.   By the way, so is eating bugs, snakes, rats and anything that moves if you live close to the land.

Science has gotten to the point where it is pretty much incontrovertible that the human body needs meat.  So, we can do away with the philosophical discussions.  Now, industrial red meat fed corn and dead chicken parts,  stuffed with antibiotics and marbled with omega six fatty acids?  Umm…  not a big fan of putting that in my mouth that but most in this country don’t have a cost-effective choice.  Yet. 

Meat contains certain amino acids that we must have to live.  Red meat contains certain compounds only found in red meat such as conjugated linoleic acid.    Meat is the only source of substantial quantities of tryptophan necessary for proper brain functioning including the production of serotonin, much of which is produced in the gut as part of digestion.   (yes, vegan sources as well in lower quantities.) Ever notice you feel perky the morning you wake up after eating a steak?  Want to reduce your cholesterol?  Eat meat.  It contains the amino acids that are precursors to the body’s production of its natural cholesterol regulator, niacin.   Want to get sick?  Listen to vegans and the FDA.  Now you know why vegans are so neurotic.  They need to get some meat in them for their brain to function properly.    :)  I’m kidding.  Sort of.

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