Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Supreme Court Questions Health Care’s Constitutionality

Today isn’t turning out to be such a good day for Obama’s Obamination of health care, ObamaCare. 

Few people in politics truly entertain this issue on grounds of constitutionality or any benchmark of truth or morality.  You are either for it or against it based purely on what political team you belong to.  Pure political ideology.  Fall in line as a member of the Democratic or Republican Party.  Support the party or else.   Freedom of ideas or dissent won’t be tolerated.  Just like communist China.  Both party’s positions are nonsense perpetuated by the illegitimate political class. 

I believe affordable health care for all Americans is a basic human right.  It is all a matter of perspective.  What kind of world do you want to create?  An inclusive world that embraces human dignity or a world where luck and circumstance determine your ability to either watch your child die of cancer or get the best treatment our society has at its disposal?    We are all worthy.

I didn’t say health care should be free.  Every person should have to participate to the best of their ability.  That means being personally-responsible.  But, regardless of anyone’s ability to pay, they should be granted equal access to health care.   Wealth should not determine access to health care.  That is a position based solely on immorality that is so prevalent with the status quo.  That said, as I wrote at the time of its passage, this horrible bill ultimately would become an issue decided before the courts and that I believed it would be struck down as unconstitutional.  We will see soon enough.  Regardless, this is a massively corrupt piece of political legislation that was ramrodded by politicians for political expediency.  There was no national debate on what a transformed health care system should look like.   No benchmarking as I encouraged at the time.  No open ability for experts to provide testimony or help craft legislation that would best serve society.  This is purely a smarmy political bill that was written under the duress of lobbyist bribery.   This bill lines the pockets of the status quo.

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