Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Proletariat State’s Attempted Destruction Of Human Expression And The Arts

In Europe, Where Art Is Life, Ax Falls On Public Financing.  I want to highlight this article and the greater dynamic we see around the world because it is tied to the tyranny of the proletariat state that has been created by toady politicians and their corporate masters.   Yes, the U.S. is a proletariat state.  And bankers around the world wish to perpetuate that dynamic globally. 

This dynamic of repressing art and self-expression is part of the timeless dynamic of figurative “book burning” and intellectual or class cleansing of control-based societies.   Arts and human expression are dynamics identified with people who are capable of free thought.  Critical thought.  Criticism of the proletariat and fascist state.  Dissent.   Additionally, the arts plays a crucial and irreplacable role in community and humanity well beyond anything I could ever give justice to in a blog post.   Communist China embraced the cleansing.   The Soviet Union did it.  Nazi Germany did it.  And so did/do many other tyrannical control-based societies.  And, it is happening today in both the United States and Europe as fascist-proletariat elements attempt to cleanse society of dissent and artistic expression. (This is a big driver behind modern day Republican Party dynamics in the U.S. including those embraced by Ron Paul and his nonsensical free market lingo.  Let me count the ways….  not enough time but I will eventually show you how this twisted free market nonsense is tied into proletarianism and the tyranny of free markets.)  

I wish I had the time to write more about this today but it isn’t a priority right now.  This is the second New York Times article in the last few months that I have wanted to write a detailed post about regarding sociological factors involving the self.  The other was involving gated communities of the rich.  The concept of the gated community, similar to book burning, which clearly are manifestations of the self or ego’s desire to separate itself from community, human expression and the cycle of life are key contributing factors to the self’s disconnectedness from their core humanity or their divinity.  That separateness of the self creates a dynamic that ultimately manifests itself through a desire to seek control, including control over humanity,  in order to appease the self’s inner demons. 

Some time this year I will try to tackle both of these topics in detailed posts. 

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