Friday, March 23, 2012

Bill Moyers: How Big Banks Are Rewriting The Rules Of Our Economy

I mentioned not too long ago that Moyers was back on TV.  I love Bill Moyers.  I mean I really love Bill Moyers.  How much differently would our world be if we had public servants and corporate executives who were true leaders.  Who were  driven by the authenticity of kindness, compassion and a concern beyond the needs of the self.  He is far and away my favorite journalist.   As we have noted on here, he also produced a program 25 years ago that presciently predicted the mess we are in today.  There are plenty of wise old Cassandras out there.  William Greider is another we have noted.  I trust Moyers completely to be able to rise above the human condition and whatever shortcomings any of us may have to deliver journalism that has an  intent of integrity, truth, morality, reason and virtue.  Take a look around his site.  You’ll find quite a few recent program videos that are excellent.  This recent program contains an in depth interview with the former head of Citigroup, John Reed, who readily admits he was completely wrong in lobbying our government to overturn Glass Steagall and deregulate Wall Street.  And how, since, Wall Street has corrupted our world.  It takes a person of great integrity to admit their mistakes and failures.  John Reed does so in spades and with great remorse.   How much different a man is he than the sociopathic CEOs running Wall Street firms today who mock integrity, truth, morality , reason and virtue.    The video also contains an in depth interview with Senator Byron Dorgan whose Senate floor speech in 1999 presciently foretold of impending financial catastrophe due to the complicit corruption of elites and government in the repeal of regulation that President William Clinton and Senator Phil Gramm rammed through our government.  Both of whom have gone on to cumulatively make hundreds of millions of dollars collecting on their political favors. 

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