Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chinese Lawyers Chafe At Hitler-esque Oath To The Communist Party

The manifested self or ego is so predictable.  Remember, the human mind has only two intents in everything it does:  the intent to control, driven the the manifested self or ego,  or the intent to discover truth as driven by our higher power of reasoning or human consciousness.  In other words, that which separates us from dogs and cats and dirt and stone.  Although I find dogs and cats and dirt and stone a much greater source of truth than people who sign oaths of control.  That includes anyone who would sign or pledge an oath to the Democratic or Republican Party.  Don’t worry, as I have remarked and will again in the future, I believe the odds are quite good both political parties in this country are going away.   

Not a lot of truth in either of the pledges below; either the Chinese Communist Party pledge or the pledge to the Fuehrer.  Both clearly are not pledges of honor or morality or justice (truth) such as the Hippocratic Oath taken by health care professionals or the oath to defend the Constitution (truth - the rule of law)  taken by men and women serving in our military.  The oaths below are simply a pledge of indoctrination meant to guarantee the future control of the Chinese Communist Party or Hitler and his fascist party.  Sounds a little like the Republican Party’s fascist oath of control over truth. 

Support the Chinese Communist Party or…  else.

Fuehrer oath for comparison.

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