Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bering Sea Shows Second Highest Ice Extent In Recorded Satellite History

Just released over at NASA.  Apparently, global warming causes an increase in ice formation.  20-30% higher than the average for the last 30 years.  

Hey Al, give back the Nobel Prize.   Hey, Nobel Prize committee. you need to get politics out of your selection process.  Giving Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize has made a mockery of your organization. 

When I watched the Bush-Gore debates in 2000, I was incredibly disturbed by Gore’s grunting, huffing and sighs while Bush would talk; the disturbing actions of a prima donna without any ability to regulate his behavior.  Al Gore is the poster child for unbridled corporate state capitalism and its consequences.  He helped gut regulation of capitalism and helped create massive poverty and pollution of our planet by pushing for massively corrupt trade agreements that destroyed wages, benefits, social safety nets, economic determinism, environmental protections and democracy.  Al Gore, Mitt Romney’s reflection, is a poster child for the predator state; an unstable manifested self that seeks power, authority, fame and money (control) to appease his inner demons.   Bush-Cheney by comparison should be awarded sainthood by the Vatican.

Hey, we all have a cross to bear as part of the human condition but society shouldn’t be bearing the crosses of our leaders.  That is the world we now live in.  We, in fact, do bear those crosses of the disturbed minds of those who seek control and dominion over their fellow man.   That is what happens when a nation ruled by laws becomes a nation ruled by men.  The leaderless society manifested by the unstable self.  Our economy and our society reflects the instability of the minds that created the challenges we now face.   That would primarily be politicians.  Politicians are the problem, not the solution. 

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