Monday, April 02, 2012

Apple’s Chief Puts Stamp On Labor Issues

Yeah right.  Tim Cook is the creator of Apple’s labor issues.  Manufacturing and supply chain was his responsibility before Jobs’ death.  Now, what exactly is different after he makes some public relations remarks in response to a high profile story about Apple’s use of slave labor?   I see absolutely nothing beyond rhetoric that leads me to believe this is anything other than a public relations ploy with the ultimate hope of this all being swept under the rug.   

Interesting remark in the article that Jobs was outraged by reports of child labor.  Given Apple corporate policies were never substantially impacted on a macro level by those previous reports, I tend to doubt the rhetoric.   Jobs vociferously defended sweatshop economics.  Reminds me of Mark Twain’s quote about how do you know a politician is lying… his lips are moving.  The outrage over child labor and slave labor in general is more of what leaderless leaders, including Wall Street and politicians, are so good at - plausible deniability.   They did what?  Leaders can pretend to be astonished by refusing to take responsibility for the truth of what is happening during their watch.  Better known as wearing an asshat where I come from.  Or, in the case of Wall Street, it’s called fraud.  It’s all part of the criminogenic  culture of looting that defines the social values of elites. 

Criminogenic… that’s a word William K. Black uses often.  I like that word.  A lot. 

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