Monday, May 14, 2012

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon Is The Neoliberal Poster Child For Self Delusion And Vainglory

Why  in God’s name is a taxpayer backed bank  allowed to gamble with OUR money?  NOT JP Morgan’s money.  NOT investors money.  DEMOCRACY’S money.  These are high crimes and misdemeanors against our nation.

Jamie Dimon might be the most arrogant sonofabitch on Wall Street.  It was just weeks ago that Dimon went on some 65 page rant on how government is ruining his company by trying to re-regulate it.  This guy is so full of himself he can’t even begin to take responsibility for what is going on at his firm or on Wall Street in general.   Its everyone's fault but poor ole Jamie.   The rest of us are told to suck it up and take responsibility for our lives yet the only people who I see that aren’t taking responsibility are people like Dimon.  Dimon is a poster child of how corporate power has destroyed our country.  Dimon doesn’t create jobs.  He destroys them.   Dimon doesn’t create businesses.  He destroys them.  And, instead of showing an ounce of humility and recognizing that derivatives aren’t hedges, and that his positions were naked bets, this whiney-assed punk, and he is nothing more than a punk in a suit, goes on the PR offensive to explain how he has billions more money and they’ll get it right without more regulation.  Dimon is consumed by the self.  Hey asshole.  You have billions more of our money.  It’s not your money.  You aren’t a king.  JP Morgan is not your empire, although you most certainly believe it is.  This is  our society’s money and you have been granted special privilege and special responsibilities to protect it as a bank.   

There is absolutely nothing wrong with our society and our economy except for one basic issue.  The wrong people are in positions of authority and public service.  There was once a time when people who continuously threatened the tribe were outcast.   In fact, that dynamic is still alive and well in Japan.  The last time I was in Japan, the CEO of a major corporation who threatened the public safety and the well-being of the company and its associates, committed suicide.   In America, the people who threaten the tribe rise to the levels of top authority in corporate power and politics.  That’s because we reward aggression and violence against human beings in our society.  That includes economic violence as practiced by Wall Street.  Narcissists, sociopaths, borderline personality disorders, psychopaths and the like exhibit the qualities that are rewarded in our hyper-violent society.   Nothing is more appreciated than aggression and desire to “get ahead” in corporate America.  Then, when these lunatics gain authority, their arrogant, greedy, power-mad delusions become problems for the rest of us.  

The tribe never would have tolerated this when survival was at stake.  It is only modern society that not only tolerates, but glorifies it.  Well, the tribe is out to fix the issues with granting unstable minds unprecedented power.  While Dimon whines about being a victim rather than taking responsibility for his incompetence, the worm is turning hard against him.  Except unlike in 2008, it’s the mainstream press that is turning.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me. 

I wrote on here ever since the 2008 crash absolutely nothing had changed, and we would again see horrific crises.  Not exactly an epiphany.  But, I also said that Obama’s own arrogance would come back to haunt him as he told society that the problems of Wall Street were fixed.  And, that meant eventually people would lose confidence in him for appeasing evil.  And, that is exactly where we are. 

We need to remove these Wall Street pricks from positions of authority in our nation. 

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