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Top U.S. Cardiologist Pens Open Letter To U.S. Treatment Panel Encouraging Them To End LDL Targeting With Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

I have been threatening to put up a post on cholesterol for quite a few years now.  This isn’t it but it will suffice.  At least for now.  If I don’t die of cholesterol complications, I’ll eventually get another post up about this from a different angle.   

Now, this is a post about economics.   Writing about the Purchasing Manager’s Index or unemployment is manifestly obvious busy work.  This is a ripple that could send shock waves through the entire economy on so many levels beyond its initial scope.  It is symptomatic of a much deeper and more sinister issue in our economy and our society.   

This whole concept of bad and good cholesterol is simply nothing more than utter nonsense.  It cannot be proven.  It cannot be proven because it isn’t true.  And, to sit and listen to a doctor lecture millions of people on TV or in a doctor’s office is even more ridiculous.   I’m not giving anyone medical advice.  You have to do your diligence and talk to your doctor.  But, clearly, there is no such thing as bad cholesterol.   Just bad science.

The human body is the most perfect expression of life that the known universe has ever created.  Nature has perfected life over billions of years.   Our existence is a work of art that functions on a level that we still truly know almost nothing about.    Our body’s power to heal itself is beyond anything science could ever dream of.    We see this daily.  We simply don’t have a clue how to tap it consistently.   I’ll tell you one way to most certainly not tap it is shovel endless pills, chemicals and nutrition- less industrial food waste into our body and to live an emotionally-destabilizing existence in the corporate state.  As I noted a long time ago on here, the concept of putting a foreign substance with substantial toxic effects, aka medications, in our body to cure our sickness is absurd.  Unfortunately, it’s sometimes the best we can come up with today.  One day medication as we know it will be obsolete as we unlock more and more the ability of the body to heal itself .   Medication will be replaced by therapies that support the abilities nature has granted our mind and body.  There are already substantial abilities today to impact type 2 diabetes, depression and countless other illnesses without the toxic effects of medication.   They simply aren’t pushed as mainstream medical solutions because of the motive of profit.  Future humanity will most certainly look back on our pill-popping culture in the same way they looked back on sawing holes in people’s heads.

Modern medicine remains crude at best and brutal at worst when it comes to treating almost any serious malady of the human mind or body.   We rely on ingesting poisons, killing large amounts of living tissue and industrial saws and drills to perform our stone age medicine.  Medicate, radiate and cut.  Look, to get this far has taken unbelievable human effort so I appreciate how far we have come.  And, I appreciate the effort of countless people who have helped us get this far.   But, with regards to much of modern medicine, the more we learn the more we realize how little we know.  And, how much we thought we knew is little more than a myth.   Bad cholesterol is one of those myths.  Plaque build up in the arteries is the symptom and not problem. 

Hopefully, we are on the cusp of unlearning much of what we thought we knew.  There is mounting evidence across a wide range of data points that we clearly are on that cusp of achieving leaps forward in our knowledge about the human mind and body.  This will result in outright  destruction and creative destruction to many economic players in the medical field.  This fits nicely with one of our long time theses that we are living through an age of enlightenment. 

Think about this.   To have someone come along millions of years after humanity first appeared and billions of years after life has perfected itself and tell us that nature was wrong and tens and tens and tens of millions of those perfected life forces, ie, our bodies , are defective because they are producing a substance, “bad” cholesterol, through normal body functioning, that is killing us is preposterous.  What’s next?  We have to rid our body of our blood because it is killing us?  I think some people in medicine might need to rid their body of the real poison, their brain, if they aren’t going to use it. 

Without that “bad” cholesterol in your body, you would die before finishing this sentence.  “Bad” cholesterol is necessary to countless known and unknown cellular and body processes.  Now, do certain substances in the human body play a role of plaque buildup in the arteries?  Sure they do.  In the same way that increased CO2 emissions are associated with global warming.  They are both correlated.  They are not the cause.  Correlation is not causation.  If you treat the symptom, the problem still exists.   That is exactly what Harlan Krumholz is pointing out.  There has been a substantial amount of research that points to this reality for a long, long time.  It’s just a matter of someone within the medical bureaucracy of self-interest waking up and speaking out.   Maybe more importantly, being the Bradley Manning to stand against the power of the gargantuan money machine.  And, today we see exactly that.  To be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the nonsense that is often pawned off as science in this world. 

Harlan Krumholz has a reputation of being the most important doctor you have never heard of.  At least according to Forbes who penned an article titled that doctors don’t know they are doing wrong but Harlan Krumholz is out to change that.   In other words, in many cases, the medical bureaucracy is damaging our health.  Possibly even killing us.  Not exactly a surprise.  Especially given the profit motive of medical equipment, pharma and medical supply companies and the lack of rigorous science in the various, often marginally-substantiated treatment methods.  In his penned letter to the U.S. advisory panel of bureaucratic experts, Krumholz states unequivocally that there is no scientific basis to treat LDL targets.  And, the safety of treating LDL targets has never been proven.  Finally, he notes that LDL targeting is used to promote newer drugs and their efficacy and safety are not proven.  In other words, LDL targeting is all about drug companies making money rather than the search for truth.

Krumholz work fits in nicely with our long time thesis that this cycle will result in the failure of institutions of the ego or institutions of control.  And, as we have noted specifically, as a result of that, many corporations could either wither and die or see their business models turned upside down as truth is revealed.  And, even more specifically, we noted that the medical bureaucracy is teetering on the precipice of unsustainability.  

I’ve seen estimates that more than $300,000,000,000.00 in cholesterol-lowering medications have been sold since their inception.   Think there’s any room for corruption in that number?  If society adopted Krumholz guidelines, from what I understand, cholesterol drug sales would drop over 95%.   You read that right dog breath. 

Truth has been subverted in the world of pill-popping by profit and greed.  And, it most likely started when deregulation of advertising allowed drug companies to market their propaganda directly to consumers.  Thank you politicians and lobbyists.  Umm..  what is another of our long time theses?  We are in a massive advertising bubble.   You can’t advertise what is no longer needed.

Doctors personally profited massively by being on drug company payrolls, both officially and unofficially.  Drug sales representatives handed out perks, vacations, lavish gifts and other forms of bribery like candy.  Obviously, it was all legal.  Just like lobbyist bribes to the politicians who allowed the pharma complex to become the Frankenstein it is.  And, universities played their very substantial role receiving massive grants from drug companies making them part of the system of bribery and junk medicine as well. 

Krumholz appears very reserved and is carefully selecting his words in this video but essentially he is stating the low cholesterol mania is dead  and the medical establishment needs to wake up.

There is a fundamental truth that is going to play a massive role in the future of our economy.  At some point it’s going to storm onto the scene like a freight train.  As we have discussed countless times, the human mind has only two intents in everything it does; the intent to control and the intent of discovery or the search for truth.  Never are those two intents compatible.  Let me be perfectly clear on a topic I have noted before.  Profit as the primary motive is the basis of evil.   We see that in the incredibly massive corruption of our financial system and Wall Street.  Profit as a motive subverts truth.  Always.   Profit-driven corporate capitalism has become a scourge to our society.  Capitalism or any economic endeavor should first seek truth.   eg, You create a superior experience at your restaurant because your passion is to serve your client and provide the best experience possible.  That is truth.  You are only then rewarded financially for that truth - doing well is derived by doing good.   One can never serve truth when profit is the primary intent.  Countless corporations no longer serve the public interest or the public good.  They no longer serve the motive of truth.   They first serve their own motives of profit. power, control and greed.  

A for-profit corporation-based medical establishment is simply a contradiction of control awaiting the revelation of truth.  At which point, it will fail on some level.   It is an institution of the ego.  Truth is always going to be subverted in the name of self-interest and profits.   Humpty Dumpty is about to have a great fall.

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