Thursday, April 26, 2012

Secret Service & Marine Orgies, Prostitution And Violence Against Other Human Beings. Our Society Is Self-Destructing Under The War State’s Propaganda Glorifying Aggression And Aggressive Personalities

News continues to flow out about orgies, violence against women and beatings by those attached to providing security for our president.  First off, trying to tie this to Obama, as many political idiots are trying to, is ridiculous.  

When this first story broke David Gergen, one of Washington’s permanent political hacks,  In other words, won’t seem to go away, was an apologist for this type of behavior.  Gergen remarked that this type of behavior wasn’t out of character given the masculinity of many in the profession and we should keep this in perspective.  Frankly, I just about puked when reading his remarks.  How did we ever get to a point where we are electing political assholes who glorify aggression and violence as synonymous with masculinity?  I have no lack of masculinity or testosterone but let’s just be frank.  It is often those who have low testosterone who are violent.   Those who are insecure about their masculinity.  Prostitution isn’t just an act of paying for sex.  It is oftentimes a form of violence against women.   It is a sign of deeper psychological issues manifested through violence and aggression.  We are now starting to see that this recent situation is less about prostitution and more about a pattern of violence against women.  There are now inquiries into Brazil and El Salvador and who knows how many other cases that will be swept under the rug. 

This most recent issue involving the president’s security detail is much deeper than a case of prostitution.  This is reflective of the culture of violence against women, gays, muslims and anyone else who is considered undesirable or undeserving of dignity or humanity that is so rampant in our society.  These values are placed inside of our citizens by our political leaders and those who occupy positions of authority in our society.  

I wrote a post last year about the glorification of aggression and aggressive personality types in our society.  This most recent issue is another clear example of perverse violence against other human beings being rewarded.   It is important enough that I am re-linking to my original post.  I would encourage you to read it if you haven’t already. 

These men weren’t born with these beliefs about women and aggression and violence.  These beliefs were instilled in them by our society and by authority figures who glorified and rewarded their behavior.   It’s the same type of behavior exhibited in our politics, on Wall Street, within our military, in our police departments and in business.   It is the same violence that rationalizes endless wars and countless deaths of civilian populations as simply effects of war.  It is the same violence against human beings that is so pervasive on Wall Street both through their endless use of prostitution and their predatory acts against our society.  It is the same violence that not too many decades ago rationalized lynching African Americans on Saturday night then going to church on Sunday morning; being a good American as the state turned a blind eye.   The list of aggressions and violence by the state and its institutions of control are without end.   I could cite thousands of examples.

Our society, our political leaders, those in positions of authority in countless state institutions and our economic model rewards unstable, aggressive and violent behavior against other human beings.   We are a nation run by sociopaths and unstable personalities.  The fish rots from the head first.

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