Friday, April 20, 2012

The Decay Of Soviet Amerika - Health Care Risk-Shifting From Corporations To Employees Intensifies

The corporate state continues its frenetic pace of privatizing gains while socializing losses.   People cannot afford health care as it is.  Shifting corporate health care plans to massive deductibles paid for by individuals only guarantees that trend will intensify.   And, so too will the pressure on the corporate medical establishment to cover its bloated fixed costs.

The corporate medical establishment can charge whatever it wants to charge.  I could charge you $1,000 to read this post.  But, that doesn’t mean there will be a sustainable market at those rates. 

Corporations have been on a massive debt-based consolidation binge in the medical community over the last few decades.   A corrupt practice that serves no purpose other than greater control.  Of course, this was all enabled by Wall Street criminals.  And the self-interested medical equipment, medical supply and pharma bureaucracies have done their virtuous part by levering the corporate medical bureaucracy’s cost structures up even further.  All for the public good, of course.  That has left the corporate medical establishment laden with debt, bloat, inefficiency, bureaucracy, waste, incompetence and infrastructure costs that make their services prohibitively expensive.   In other words, Soviet Amerika’s health care bureaucracy is uncompetitive with and unresponsive to market demands for the vast number of Americans.   But they have continued to mint profits through the tyrannical force of the state.  That is what happened in the rearview mirror.  Ain’t too useful driving into the future by looking into the rearview mirror. 

There are tens of millions of Americans with very high health care insurance deductibles.  I’m one of them.  I’m included in the lies, damned lies and statistics as being insured.   You know, the ones Republicans use to say there is no problem with our health care system because I have insurance.  That’s a farce.  I’m essentially self-insured.  That means I avoid health care like the plague and barter, beg and price shop when I do need the services.   I’m one of the lucky ones, by the way.  My absolutely shit-based health insurance plan, provided by one of the most successful health insurance companies in Amerika, ahem, is essentially a re-insurance plan for catastrophic claims.  And, I pay outrageous extortion-based rates for the privilege of being screwed.  They don’t even kiss me first.  The rates I pay have no reality other than the force of the state that creates and protects them.  In other words, an enormous amount of health care insurance in this country is nothing more than re-insurance.  The propaganda statistics are incredibly misleading.  Millions who have health insurance are really only re-insured.   

These are massive statistical population shifts in just a year.   If they are accurate or anywhere close, the stars are aligning for incredible change in our medical bureaucracy regardless of what happens to the constitutionality of the Obama plan.   This article points to that trend accelerating at a dizzying pace.  In simple terms, the corporate medical bureaucracy is laden with propped-up Soviet Amerikan state-based corporations that are teetering on the precipice and don’t even realize it. 

All Obama’s plan did was apply lipstick to the pig.  It’s still a pig.  Commissar Obama and his corporate masters can’t force people to participate in a medical system they simply cannot afford regardless of how many edicts he wants to pass from high on the mountain. 

Change you can believe in.   It’s coming. 

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