Friday, April 20, 2012

Nazi Party Pushes Corporate Tax Cuts For Their Corporate Masters

We have railed repeatedly on this fascist myth that corporate tax rates in this country are too high.  If corporate tax rates are too high then how can corporate profits at their highest in our history?   As noted before, I used to subscribe to a data service that showed the S&P’s tax rate was near 15%.  The Congressional Budget Office numbers for this year are 12.1%.  That is the lowest rate in my lifetime.  And, the lowest in the industrialized world.   The published corporate tax rate is comparably three times the amount actually paid.  The Nazis love to use the published rate as a tool of propaganda for their corporate masters. 

We hear this endless political propaganda across the entire spectrum from some of the most truly incompetent people to grace this earth.  The blatant lies that corporate tax rates are too high are only surpassed by the even greater blatant lies that lowering the corporate rate even further will somehow spur job growth.  This is just another method of fascist political parties looting society to serve corporate masters.  As we have noted before, major companies or the  S&P 500 or however you want to quantify it, hasn’t created a single net new job in this country in the last thirty years.  They aren’t going to create another net new job even if the tax rate is zero.  And, it’s pretty damn close to that right now.  Countless companies pay a legion of lawyers to rig the game so that they owe little to no taxes.  What’s the attorney oath again?   

If the Nazi Party can lower corporate tax rates, even more money will flow into their coffers thus ensuring their future political Adolph nominees can pump the airways with even more propaganda.   This increases their odds of winning future elections.  Or so the thinking goes.    But as we have noted, that future return on investment is going to be pretty close to zero.  In other words, this political con game won’t be yielding the desired results anymore.    Instead, now they reap the harvest of karma.

Let’s see.  Corporate profits are at a record high.  Corporate tax rates are at a record low.  Hmm.   I think I understand how this works.   Corporations cannot afford to pay higher taxes just as the richest people in our society who are enjoying the same inverted tax rate benefits of trickle down economics.   Most super rich in this country are in capital consuming industries anyway.  In other words, their wealth is taken from someone else rather than actually creating wealth for society.  That’s a hallmark of the predator state.  That is, legalized looting.  Now they want your Social Security and your Medicare.  And, they most certainly will try to steal it.   In fact, they already have drawn up a plan.  It’s called the Ryan plan.    Hopefully, he’ll be our next vice president being such a swell guy that he is.

By the way, it has  been quite a few years since I have mentioned this but corporate investment is at the lowest level in this country since the start of the Industrial Revolution.  I have the data  …..  a major contributor to the corporate profit bubble.   Oh, and it is a massive profit bubble.  Massive.  This self-fulfilling nugget of karma will help cement the future of the corporate state’s ersatz capitalism, fascist capitalism, crony capitalism, corporate capitalism, state-based capitalism and political party capitalism.  

Karma is a bitch.

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