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The Cycle Of Volatility: NASA Fermi Gamma Ray Explorer Is Picking Up “Crazy-Energetic Photons” From Mysterious Objects At The Edge Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum

How about we shake it up a little today?  Shake it up a lot.  A provoking post before we get back to more mundane ‘stuff’.   We all live in this bubble we  believe is reality.  A bubble we convince ourselves is real.  Oftentimes provocation is the only way we ever awaken from that bubble.  That’s coming.  For everyone.  It’s inevitable because the bubble is popping.  As we have discussed numerous times over the last seven years, if you live outside of the U.S., that popping sound is likely to be much greater.   For many years that was a very lonely position that was often mocked.  Not quite as lonely today.  Those who have sought safety outside of the U.S. or who live outside of the U.S. and believe they will be spared substantial change, good luck.  You’ll need it. 

Today, I’ll delve a little bit further into some of my less than mainstream posts over the years.   Loosely tying together some of the prior discussions regarding one of the long term themes on here; the cycle of volatility.   This will likely be the only post I ever put up on here that delves so esoterically into questions surrounding  volatility, so if you enjoy it, I’m sorry to say there ain’t likely to be more coming.  Maybe if I am still blogging in a few years, I’ll delve more specifically into volatility cycles.  Today isn’t so much about specificity as it is about stepping out of the picture and opening the aperture of view.   That is, if your mind will allow you to do so.  If you think you have the world all figured out, you probably should skip this post.  If you don’t like your beliefs challenged, you should probably skip this post.  

We have discussed gamma rays and cosmic energy’s impact quite often on here as it pertains to the cycle the world is experiencing.   Recently NASA’s gamma ray explorer, Fermi, has been picking up never-before captured cosmic ray energy from mysterious sources impacting our solar system and earth.  Another link using separate measurement equipment discussed this past week on here.

As we have noted over the years, many forms of energy, including gamma rays, are invisible to the human eye.  These forms of energy are oftentimes millions to billions of times more powerful than visible light.   Many gamma ray sources give off more energy in the blink of an eye than our sun will give off in its entire lifecycle.   Some sources release exponentially more energy than that.  The gamma ray bubbles at our galactic core extend 50,000 light years and most certainly release more energy than the equivalent of billions times billions of our suns.   That is just one source.   The forces of the universe are so enormous that they really are beyond the conscious mind’s ability to comprehend.    The forces acting upon our existence by the energy of the planet and the cosmos are daunting.

Cosmic sources are impacting earth every second of every day.  And, gamma rays and other invisible forms of energy are not just a phenomenon of space.  As we noted before, science has discovered that gamma ray production also happens here on  earth.   In fact, we’re find out a lot about the earth in the last few decades.  Like trees may play a role in electrifying the atmosphere.  Or that energy from within the earth is heating the mantle and therefore, the coldest, deepest ocean waters  and re-igniting many dormant geological forces.  And, there most certainly are energies well beyond our knowledge that are impacting us as I type this.  In fact, that is the vast majority of the energy of the universe if science is anywhere near correct.   The discoveries science are making are vast and dizzying.  Yet the scientific understanding of the interaction of cosmic and terrestrial forces is still very, very poor at best and completely unknown in most instances. 

This is a very exciting time for basic scientific discovery now that humanity has an ability to explore what, until relatively recently, was impossible.  We most certainly are in the early stages of a golden age of discovery at the atomic, subatomic and cellular level.   That is, if the profit-motive of corporations, unregulated capitalism and its often unethical manipulation of science for personal gain doesn’t unlock Pandora’s Box and obliterate us in the process.   This is a distinct yet unquantifiable possibility.  These discoveries have the potential to change our existence in ways that are generally not yet appreciated or, in most instances, even understood.  

I remember a snippet of the Republican debates when Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich couldn’t wait to outdo themselves in their desire to cut NASA’s budget or privatize its functions for profit.   Paul has been quote as saying, "We must recognize the government led space program is dead and the corpse must be buried as soon as possible. Any defense functions should be put under the military, and the rest of NASA should be sold to private operators." .   Gingrich thinks the all-knowing market will serve our search for truth through the god of profit.   Truly, two delusional minds.

It’s a disgrace that NASA, as an example, a civilian science and research agency, is seeing so much of its budget politicized and cut in favor of war state expenditures and private, for-profit operators.   Much of NASA has actually been gutted over many years.  The same way that so much of our government has been gutted by special interest money, thus turning our government into a feeble, ineffective tool of political corruption rather than serving society or some greater good.  NASA, being a public institution, doesn’t serve the profit motives of the corporate state.  War is a substantially more profitable function of the corporate state.  If the fascist state has its way, we’ll be back in the stone ages soon enough; science without a profit motive is expendable.   Paul, Gingrich and other Republican proletariats view science, art, literature and culture with disdain.  It’s all about the market.  Self-interest and profit.  Here’s the greater reality.  Science, art, literature, culture and other expressions of humanity’s innate search for truth and knowledge are no different than our inner journey and the path of spiritual knowledge we seek.  They are both manifestations of our spiritual journey.  The attempted destruction of the human spirit are predictable outcomes we saw manifested in Nazi Germany and once again see in the United States today.  The fascist or corporate state truly is Godless.   More on this in the future.

Let’s jump back to volatility.  In prior times, humanity oftentimes assigned the unknown forces of the universe to magic or juju or the gods.   While we still know almost nothing about this experience we all participate in, we can now apply reason and logic and science to gain a greater appreciation of that experience.  We can embrace a new frontier of discovery and knowledge rather than live in fear of the unknown.   Fear that historically has been used to control populations and perpetuate the suppression of knowledge and truth.  Maybe there will be great ironies uncovered by science in coming decades and beyond.  Maybe we will actually find that mysticism, spirituality and knowledge of ancient man oftentimes weren’t so far from reality.  Then, maybe we won’t.         

So, is not energy required to create change as we understand the laws of the universe?   Given the magnitudes of both known and other unknown energy sources, might you be willing to consider the evolution of life on earth is impacted or even driven by unknown energy and unknown events from our planet, our solar system and our universe?  Cellular mitosis, as an example, is driven by a life force or energy we clearly know absolutely nothing about.  It is with us every day yet we have no explanation of what takes a Redwood seed that has been dormant for a few hundred years and creates the largest living species on earth.   We have no idea of what energy creates human life.   Another simple example of energy acting upon cellular mutation is the development of skin cancer.  Or, any cancer for that matter.   Energy-driven cellular changes not only impact mammalian or plant life but all life including microbes.  It  creates mutated superbugs or bacteria, mutated viral outbreaks, etc. that have been worrying scientists in recent years.   A new viral outbreak is simply the manifestation of a new form of life. 

Science has grown concerned about the ability of these pathogens to “jump” from other mammals to humans as pathogens mutate at an ever-increasing rate.  To go one step further in consideration, might those mutated pathogens actually be a building block of the evolution of higher order life?  Of our evolution?  Don’t certain measurable cellular characteristics within our body change permanently once we have been “infected” with a pathogen?   Science recently discovered that human DNA contains strands of life from single-celled organisms that were the first measurable forms of life on our planet.   In what ways might pathogen “infections” change us that isn’t understood?  Might the human mind and our expanding level of our brain’s ability, even as an example, something like empathy, be impacted or created through dynamics associated with the energy of our universe or even indirectly through its impact on mutated pathogens, a possible building block of life and evolution, as just one example?  Might this massive flood of energy be behind global climate volatility as we have highlighted numerous times?   (Including the scientific research into cyclical planetary astronomy/astrology we linked to that mapped nicely into long-cycle planetary temperature patterns, Voyager’s unexpected discovery of an unknown energy force beyond the protection of the sun’s heliosphere,  the recent discovery of massive gamma ray bubbles at our galactic core, planetary weather volatility within the solar system, etc, that were all posted on here.  Humanity’s energy impact on our planet’s weather through economic activity is comparatively just about zero.) 

Science has already proven through much research, albeit not readily known research, that life on earth as we know it cannot survive for long outside of the energy force of the earth’s magnetosphere.  In other words, amongst other unknown factors, it is the energy of the earth itself that makes life possible and therefore, most likely in some part responsible for creating and evolving life.  Is the earth itself alive?  Is the universe a living, conscious entity?  As I have remarked before, I think it’s quite plausibly so.  Is God the universe?  And is that the beauty and mystery we see in every creation of our planet and the universe?  Including the beauty that exists within every person? 

Might these silent sources of energy contribute to cyclical planetary events such as relatively abrupt leaps forward in the evolution of microbes, animal life, plant life, human behavior-awareness, the growth of the human brain and even mass extinctions and repopulations?  And, are these possibly cyclical events in any way predictable on any level?  Is it not mass changes to human behavior today that are contributing to wholesale volatility and even failures of  political institutions, corporations and economies in countless countries around the globe?  It is impossible to deny volatility we are experiencing is a global event be it weather activity, economic activity, human activity, plant activity, pathogen activity or planet activity.  Is there a mass energy that has collectively awakened the human mind?  Maybe even animal minds?  Have you observed or read about any unusual behavior in animal activity over the last decade or so?  We have noted examples on here. 

Could the energy NASA and scientists are measuring even be created by the  human mind itself?   Energy that is manifesting itself in some collective force to bring an evolved change to our existence?   Is the ever-increasing rate of change of volatility and human invention and ultimately the rapid failure rate of manmade institutions we now see a reflection of a quickening of the nonlinearity of time?  A quickening that modern day physics might tell us is disturbed or even created by these energy sources or even by energy created by our mind?  Time as we know it is simply a biological process.  How do you know time even exists outside of your mind?   I would surmise it likely doesn’t.  I think it is quite possible that neither does the universe exist outside of our mind.  Maybe, neither do you. 

The laws of the universe, as we understand them, or the laws of our mind, whichever or whatever is accurate, surely would support all such possibilities.  And, these are not farfetched questions.  There has been ample  scientific evidence and scientific research to support a perspective of existence well-beyond that which the perception of self accepts. 

Now, you could discount any or all of this out of hand.   You could discount that the economic environment we see today is in any way related to the volatility we see toppling countless tyrannies around the world.  You could discount that the natural forces so obviously impacting our planet are also affecting our mind.  Is your mind closed by a belief system you have been saddled with since birth?  One put there by the perceptions of the self and possibly the perception of others?  All controlled by your own faulty perception of reality?   Is it possible?

Are you willing to dismiss any consideration that the most powerful energy sources known to the universe  have no impact on your life or your mind or your behavior or our planet or economies or institutions created by our mind or evolution or or or?  Especially, considering we are made from the universe itself.  Made from the same energy sources.   Or, maybe I should say the universe is made from us.  By us.  By our mind.   Let’s be honest.  We really have no idea what is real beyond that which we know exists within our own minds.   And, we already know much of that is simply perception.   There are six billion perceptions of reality out there.  Each perception of the world is different.  Which one is accurate?  Or, are they all accurate?  Or, being based solely on perception, are none of them accurate?

Science has already uncovered the basic building blocks of organic life in meteorites.   Regardless of specifically how, that we are made from the stars or or the stars are made by our minds, the connection we share with the universe is undeniable.  We share the same origins.  We share the same matter.  We are made by the same forces. 

So, let’s veer another direction regarding volatility and energy.  Hahaha.  Let’s really enter the world of the surreal.  At least surreal for most people.  Back on the 24th of February this year I wrote that the upcoming planetary alignments on the week of March 19th were disconcerting.   What interesting events happened that week?  Actually, some very, very interesting dynamics.

Are you willing to consider the human mind and, therefore, the volatility within the Chinese Communist Party was possibly impacted by forces beyond our understanding?  (The same volatility that may also bring down both political parties in the U.S. at some point.  Remember our discussions a year or two ago about an eventual post-political future form of self-rule?  A world void of politics and, therefore, political parties?  It’s coming.  It’s just a matter of whether it is in five years or fifty.  Politics is a useless relic of history.  Of control that subverts truth.)   Is it a coincidence that the attempted Chinese political coup, what would have been the biggest global event since the fall of the Soviet Union, and most assuredly  the most disruptive global event since the start of World War II, happened early the week of March 19th?   A week we pointed out a month before its passing?  Of course, it could be coincidence.  It’s very easy to dismiss any connection as nonsense.  And, maybe it is.  Or, maybe it isn’t. 

We had four magnitude 6 earthquakes, classed as strong, and two magnitude 7, classed as major, the week of the 19th.  Not exactly a normal week.   That is a very heavy activity week.   Also, since the passage of the week of the 19th, we have seen the largest strike-slip fault earthquake in recorded history at a very, very substantial 8.6 magnitude.   Earthquakes are a topic we have discussed over the years as it pertains to the cycle of volatility, energy and oftentimes forces beyond our planet or beyond our understanding.  Sure plates move.  And?  What’s the point?  Plate tectonics in itself is a very incomplete science.   We are already seeing this with the discovery of charged particles in the atmosphere days before the Japanese quake.  There are forces involved in tectonic activity we simply do not yet understand.  Some are most certainly of cosmic origin.  Some are not. 

More than a month later, March 19th, to the day, is also the holding peak in the NYSE volume advance-decline data as well.  In other words, the holding peak in upward buying pressure or net buying of equities.  And, one of my main trading algorithms issued a sell on the S&P on the 19th.   A favorite investment of Frankenstein finance, the S&P 500 ETF has similarly seen its On Balance Volume declining since the exact day of March 19th.   And, the Banking Index’s holding price peak for this six month rally is March 19th.   Also, the week of March 19th marked the bottoming in volatility in the European bond market.  Since we have seen a return to rising interest rates and crisis in Europe. 

Obviously, we shall see if-how these data points materialize in the future or if they have any lasting impact.   But, more than a month later, that these data points have held in financial markets should say something about the importance of the week of March 19th.  Was my remark back in February about an upcoming date of the week of March 19th a coincidence?  Hahaha.   

Let’s go back to China.  Something most certainly happened in China because the rift between communist party members is real.  (Der Spiegel’s reporting here.)  And, now the plot thickens as potential complexity of unknown international dynamics are thrown into the concern over a coup and here.    It is easy to dismiss the party tension in China as a one time event.  But, that would be foolish given the coming volatility in China.  I think it is most reasonably safe to assume this event was simply the first of many disconcerting events in China’s future.   The initial perturbation that will lead to ever-widening ripples.   Even today, most everyone who is bearish on China believes they are simply experiencing a real estate bubble.   But, over the years we have written about a collapse in the China miracle, the potential for great civil unrest, revolution and even the possibility of armed conflict involving China. 

We may never know exactly what happened because China’s communist party controls the flow of information.  At least we may never know under the current communist government.  But, the coming volatility in China and elsewhere that we have uniquely written about for the last half dozen years is going to happen.  2008 and global events since are just the primer as we have noted time and again.  It’s just a matter of when the energy needed to germinate the seeds of volatility again manifests itself. 

To date, the status quo has been able to maintain some illusion of control since the 2008 collapse.  Frankly, much longer than I ever expected.  But, then I never expected the Federal Reserve to continue to pump trillions of dollars into Wall Street’s horrendously corrupt distortion of asset markets.   Regardless, that illusion of control will eventually be shattered by rising volatility.  It’s just a matter of when.  If the week of March 19th is the beginning of the back end of the volatility storm we have been anticipating, then it was the small perturbation that was missed by everyone in the financial, corporate and political bureaucracies.  And, if it is the beginning of an uptick in volatility, the world will start to light up like a Christmas tree well before the end of this year.   If.  Did I say if?  And, that means before the 2012 elections.  I hope political candidates aren’t counting their chickens yet.  :)   Remember how the economic and political climate changed literally in the blink of an eye in September of 2008.   Obama had no realistic chance of winning the election before that crisis.   McCain’s mouthing of how the economy was just fine before that crisis showed an utterly disgraceful incompetence and lack of understanding of the challenges faced by most Americans.

What is portrayed as science is often nothing more than ideological drivel for the same reasons of self-interest, power and greed we see on Wall Street, in Washington, in the military-industrial complex, in the industrial food monopoly, in the Chinese Communist Party, in the Democratic & Republican Parties, the European Union, the corrupt Arab states, etc.    Yes, as we have remarked in some detail in prior posts, institutions and especially self-interested bureaucracies of science are often just as tainted by ego, money, power and self-interest as are other human institutions.  Especially when they are hijacked and corrupted by politicians and bureaucrats as science has been horribly tainted in a dystopian world dominated by these completely incompetent and corrupt forces.  Politicians and bureaucrats whose objectives destroy the purity and spirituality of the search for truth and knowledge that is science.  

I’m not telling you what is or isn’t true.   I’m surely not telling you what to believe.  I’m not even telling you these events had any connection to the week of March 19th or to each other.   But, it’s pretty hard to pull an abstract future date out of the blue and have so many financial data points confirm it as a possible turning point.  Don’t tell me you have never considered what else exists beyond the view of reality you so tenuously hold onto.  I simply accept a world beyond our perceptions and mass delusion exists in some form.   And, I must admit to having some experiences that I believe have possibly opened my mind to appreciating  this alternative reality.  Are you asking yourself if this guy is nuts?  Hahaha.  Why, yes I am.  

The scientific evidence of a very different reality beyond our perceptions is everywhere.  And, it has actually been quantified in untold thousands of scientific exercises and experiments.  But, since modern science oftentimes silos knowledge into self-interested bureaucracies, and rejects that which it does not understand or cannot fully explain, bureaucracies of science don’t always appreciate anything other than their self-limited perspective.  I am simply pointing out that we must consider a view of reality beyond what we see or touch or smell.  A view that remains based on truth and reason and science.  But, since we can’t see it or touch it or explain it, that maybe it even manifests itself through other inexplicable outcomes, experiences or even unknown senses that are now perceived as intuition or gut-feelings. 

One thing we do know as has been remarked countless times on here; the world is most certainly not as it seems.   NASA’s recent discoveries are just another confirmation of that fact.   At some point, mainstream science will start to incorporate new discoveries about the universe and our planet into more rational theories.  Yes, they may still be incomplete or completely wrong theories but they will attempt to incorporate some greater modicum of truth gained through the discovery process.  The same discovery process that is so necessary for democracy to survive.   A discovery process subverted by secrecy, bureaucrats, corporations and politicians who subvert it.  Until then…….  questions  like those contained in this post will be mocked by the status quo as they always have been.   Just as every other progressive force against their perception, corruption and madness is mocked.  From what we know about the self, how could it be any other way? 

Just remember, as noted countless times on here, volatility is a precursor to a change in trend.   In other words, the economic and social linearity that the status quo expects us to reclaim is not going to materialize. We are never going back. 

The status quo once thought globalization was unstoppable, “free trade” was really free, empire would rule without challenge, Wall Street MBAs were masters of the universe,  gold was honest money, politicians actually knew what they were doing, corporate masters would continue to rule unencumbered, human-caused global warming was going to destroy the world, corporate capitalism was the pinnacle of human economic achievement, China was an economic miracle, Ronald Reagan was a great President and the world was flat.     We on the other hand have mocked all but the world being flat.  The reality is it has a higher probability of being true than any of these other delusions of the self.  Unfortunately, the status quo still believes these and many other delusions.  But, many of the rest of us might believe them just a little less today than we did a few days, weeks, months or years ago. 

Change you can believe in.  It’s coming.  But it won’t be delivered by a politician.   It will be delivered to politicians.

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