Monday, April 30, 2012

Spanish Unemployment Hits 25%

Back before the EU crisis was in full bloom I wrote that Spain could be the first nation to leave the union.  While that hasn’t played out………  yet………  that possibility still exists.  Spain’s dissent is reasonably well organized and very broad in its base.  There have been massive public protests and movements within Spain as reported by The Real News.   We don’t see any of that reported in the U.S.  I can suppose why.  The corporate state is fearful of any attempted organization against its hegemony.  And, the news in this country is now controlled by massive corporations fearful of organized democracy and organized, democratic economics against their hegemony.  People may question  that statement but if so,  they would be a fool.  I once worked for a company that actually had a crisis response team whose goal was to stop any attempt at economic organization against it.   And, I happen to know many hegemonic companies have active policies to ensure economic organization against their practices are smashed.   I do mean smashed.  These forces dominate our government’s policies through the endless cycle of Corporate Personhood and the associated corporate lobbyist bribery. 

Notice in the video linked to above how the Spanish people are told they are living beyond their means just as we are fed the same gruel by our political-corporate masters.  Yet, 80+% of Americans have little more than a pot to piss in.  It isn’t that we are living beyond our means.  It the corporate state that is living beyond its means and has saddled us with the debts of their profligacy and endless lootings of our society.     When the corporate profit bubble pops there will be a massive thud.

Title link here.  By the way, Greece’s unemployment rate has skyrocketed and isn’t but a few percentage points behind Spain. 

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