Friday, March 27, 2020

If $6 Trillion In Debt For A Corporate Bailout Doesn't Matter, Why Not Get $350 Trillion To Give Each American $1 Million?

I've recently started using Twitter to follow the insanity of what is happening with the economy and this outbreak without having to listen to the forever pathological TV news.  One of the people I follow is Trump so I can get a barometer of the insanity and who he is bullying. That's usually a good indicator that someone is doing something right.

A Tea Party Republican (and fellow electrical engineer who also adds no value to society given our economy has been wholesale shipped out of this nation), Thomas Massie, appears to be  one of a few dissenters in passing this continued fascist takeover of our government.  I love in his profile that he cites himself as a political science denier and the greenest congressperson.

He has posted a long battery of this bill's abuses.  Link here.   He is concerned about the additional power it gives the Federal Reserve in secrecy.  The bill appears to give the Federal Reserve the ability to leverage trillions more than in the bill and handout favors in secret.... so the total cost appears to be $6 trillion.  This is why I noted in a prior post that access to the discount window should be fulling transparent by democracy and the debt and stock of that company should be halted.  The Federal Reserve pulled this criminal secrecy stunt in 2008 to siphon off trillions in payments to Wall Street criminals outside of the view of democracy.  Anyway, you can read his concerns here.

Massie breaks the cost of this bill down by workers.  This is more Republican fascist nonsense right out of the Nazi handbook that only citizens who work of having any intrinsic value as human beings.  And, that value is derived by the size of their paycheck.  Or, as I noted in a recent post, those who don't work or are unemployed in the capitalist poor house or in the capitalist debtor's prison are our untermensch; the term Nazis gave to those in society that didn't work for the state cause.  In English that translates to useless eaters.  Fine fascist society we live in.

I prefer to break it down by households instead of by work.  This bill costs every American household about $60,000.   If this is actually supposed to go to people who are in jeopardy of losing their apartments or homes or cannot pay bills or whatnot, it probably comes to about $120,000 for each of those households.  That's a very unscientific guess.  But instead, this goes to corporations who minted billions in profits and whose leadership made tens to hundreds of millions of dollars a year.  Two weeks of a shutdown ran your business dry?  Seriously?  No, your incompetent leadership, avarice and selfish greed ran that business dry.

Regardless, one has to view the world through a lens that actually makes sense.

The reason I want to highlight his remarks is contained in the title of this post.  Those are Massie's words and one of the points he makes.  In actuality, yes we could give every American $1 million.  Private banks literally give you hundreds of thousand or millions of dollars created out of thin air when you go in for a mortgage loan.  What's the difference?  This is not a false equivalency.  This is really no different than the question I have posed on here over the years of how would the economy work and how would people get paid if in some perfect world everything was automated and no one had to work.  Would we be rich or poor?  How would people get paid?  We'd be wealthy beyond words both in time and economic wealth.

The only caveat that needs to be applied to giving everyone a million dollars is you cannot have everyone running out and spending a million dollars in the economy in a short period of time.  It must be regulated so that the quantity of money in circulation does not create hyperinflation.  There would be other extraneous factors like if they put it in the bank, should it draw interest, etc. in managing the economic impact. But, all of that is easy enough for the Federal Reserve to figure out with their army of economists.  It really is that simple. We don't need the concept of money to have a vibrant economy or society.  All that needs to happen is society produce enough to meet the needs of society.  And, we don't even need to pay money for that to happen.  They simply get their share of that wealth along with everyone else.  And, we could take turns working if that didn't require all in society to participate.  And, I can tell you unequivocally, it doesn't take everyone.  Not even close.   It's no different than what the ancient Egyptians did without money.  And, they had a vibrant, modern society for thousands of years.  Still today, many of their ancient institutions are just as modern as ours.

One of the topics talked about on here many times is at some point in the future, the concept of money will disappear.  The only thing stopping us from this today is the self and all of its foibled manifestations of separateness.  The separateness of the self that conjures up external enemies to protect its own separateness; the source of ignorance, hate, war, jealously, sloth, rage, materialism, hierarchy, etc.  Interestingly, Ayn Rand, someone who had no concept of spirituality or highest good aka selflessness, wrote a book on the virtues of the self or selfishness.   How far our society has crumbled in our own ignorance.  Now, we are a society of hate and separateness.  Karma is a bitch.

This is a standard issue with the ignorance of so many in our nation as it pertains to money.  It's hilarious to hear people talk about gold being honest money.  Who told you that?  I'll tell you who, the person with all of the gold.  Those untermensch or useless eaters don't have any gold.  Isn't that a coincidence?  Gold is one of the most toxic metals to mine and has ravaged the natural world.  That we pollute the planet to dig it up and then label it as honest when only the most wealthy have it is another great delusion of the self.

Money is nothing more than a control system to ensure you get up and go to that god-awful job that serves no purpose to democracy yet enriches your corporate master.  And, then your master's acquisition of massive sums of that money is what allows a ruling elite to control or dominate society.  It's corporate capitalist's surplus value used to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich just as this $6 trillion corporate capitalist bailout bill is.  And, that is a key driver to the booms and busts created by the exploitative profit motive of corporate capitalism.  In actuality, there is no reason for savings other than to acquire massive power to control humanity.  Short of a natural disaster that would wipe out production, production is always available.  You don't need savings for access to any of that.  What you need is an ethical society which we clearly don't have.  Nor does any country because we are controlled by unprecedented evil.

What money really is at its most base form is nothing more than a fiat unit of worth decided by society for the exchange of real wealth of society, goods or services that benefit humanity and the natural world.  It could be juju beans.  But it's quantity in the economy has to be regulated to maintain some degree of sustainability.

As noted many times on here, we are soon enough going to find out the difference between money and wealth.
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