Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reality? Here's Reality

A very prescient comment from a reader and business owner. It deserves to be moved to the front of the blog for those who don't sift through the millions of comments I receive on here:

I have owned a small business for 12 years that buys excess inventories and sells to discount retailers across the country. We just did our 3rd quarter review and our sales are down 52%. My staff calls on manufacturers all over the country in search for product. The most amazing thing we have found over the last 9 months is the number of companies that are out of business. We are very close with many of our competitors nationwide and their demeanor is extremely negative. Layoffs, warehouses closing, companies closing. Consumers are not even shopping at the discounters.

Now what are the global implications for this statement? Can you star burst this into some form of future outcomes? Don't rely on Wall Street's baloney. Think for yourself. Think of the global economy as a chess game. Look at the chess board. Each action causes a reaction and so on and so on. Take some time and think it through in your mind. If you get an idea, write it down and expand upon it. Think of more ideas and do the same. What ideas are not readily apparent from this statement that you can come up with? How far can you take your ideas beyond the obvious? Then tie them all together into a strategy. Can you see through to the end move? What is it? Oh, and you don't need to tell me. These millions of comments on here are just overwhelming. So, keep the ideas for your own benefit.

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